This shit is a slog

Something I’ve picked up on the last few years is that a lot of men use their journey in this space as a buffer, it’s somewhat ironic that despite Rollo’s great article on it from some years ago, it seems many readers aren’t aware that indulging in the content produced by the manosphere can be a buffer in and of itself.

We have live examples every day of men who spend much of their time consuming podcasts, reading blog posts, following twitter, facebook, insta and so on. They are always 1 gumroad course away from being 6 ft, 6 figures, 12 inch dick and 24 inch rims.

Why Are You in the Manosphere?

I think this is an important question to answer, because if you can’t answer it then you’re not going to derive a lot of value from being here. You need to know what the ideal end-state for you looks like, otherwise you cannot make decisions and act on them without running a major risk of ending up where you don’t want to be.

On top of that, a barrier against outside influence is a strong vision that acts as a guide, every time you get an offer to buy a gumroad course, a book, take on an internship or a job, you ask yourself “Is investing time into this conducive to realizing my vision for myself?”

If the answer is no you move on, if the answer is yes, you do a little bit of research then you pull the trigger on the product or action. This space has a lot of resources for improving most aspects of life that men are interested in, money, sex, excitement, strength, and power. Deciding which you want and which are the low-hanging fruit for you is important.

First you identify the problem, then you establish an understanding of it, then you identify potential paths forward, then you make a call and put that into action. It’s an OODA loop, and a very solid problem-solving tool.

The Nature of Problem-solving

When I wrote Gendernomics Building Value , it was a response to many questions on “Now that I have this knowledge, I have no idea where to begin or what to do“, I totally understand where these guys are coming from, they are hurt, we know that since no normal men ever enter the manosphere. Every man here has suffered some damage, that they want to avoid in the future.

The problem for many of them is that they have no idea what lead to their wife leaving them, their girlfriend cheating on them, their male friends not respecting them, being everyone’s bitch at work, or all of the above.

So I decided to write Building Value as a step-by-step guide to how to productively work forward, because in the end knowledge does not generate value unless applied, but you can’t apply knowledge without understanding your situation, which requires knowledge. Seems a bit chicken-and-eggish doesn’t it?

The issue with knowledge is that while it can add a lot to your ability to problem-solve is that it can also buffer action since as long as you are gaining knowledge on a subject, it feels like you’re working on the problem. In reality many men work themselves into analysis-paralysis, or find themselves enjoying the “boys club” in this space so much they lose sight of their initial problem.

“Did you hit on any girls?”

“No, not yet but I did read 2 blogs, watch 4 hours of 2 dudes talking about red pill legos and 8 hours bitching about the election on twitter”

That’s not working on your problem, that’s like the people who post “Finally got a gym membership, 20xx is the year I get into shape” on Jan 1st, who then spend 2 – 6 weeks curling pink dumbbells in the squat rack, only to never be seen again. They get the good feelz from saying they are doing something, they do a little bit of it, then they live off that for a year or two, sinking further into the bottomless pit of Netflix.

Rian is a fan of OODA loops, “Observe, orient, decide, act”, a concept invited by military Strategist John Boyd. I like this concept and Building Value in a sense is a detailed guide to executing an OODA loop related to your sexual market value.

Meaning first you observe the situation, in order to build a comprehensive picture of it, with a maximum amount of accuracy. I.E. you have to understand your context and where you fit within it.

The second step is orient, which is all about connecting with reality through mental models, adding more mental models and improving the accuracy of your existing mental models in order to lay the foundation to make a good decision.

The third step is decide, step 1 and step 2 should have created plenty of ideas on which decisions could be made, now you decide. This is not as simple as just deciding, at this stage you have to test your decisions to spot their flaws and include issues that pop up in future observation stages.

The fourth step is simple: Act. All the steps lead to this one, your goal here is to put your decision into action and take with you what you learned from that action.

Connecting with yourself

My goal with this post is to get you thinking and being discerning about what things contribute positively to your vision for where you want to be, then start executing those OODA loops in order to move forward. The primary reason why I’ve been anti-politics and anti-culture war for the last few years is that I’ve seen too many men get involved in the grand project of owning the libs or beating the SJWs as a buffer for the things they need to do in their own life.

While I do recognize that politics and the culture war has a negative influence on masculinity in aggregate and the context within which we operate, all they are doing is making rules, and women make rules for betas. Jordan B. Peterson pointed out the problem in his metaphor of “clean your room”, that means fix the things in your own life before trying to fix the world. For most men, it’s very easy to get involved in the grand undertaking of fixing the world, it’s very hard to look at yourself with an objective lens and trying to fix that trainwreck.

To quote my King James

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

It’s very easy to point out what’s wrong with other people, the world and the universe, it’s even easy to hot-take in solutions or fall into the thrall of the greater organism and spend all the time you could have spent on yourself on something that seems to offer progress, admiration and accomplishments, but which is really just slacktivism.

Life After The Red Pill

Last week I dropped into Red Evening with Jack Napier and Rob, I’d like to go back it was a solid talk. During the course of the broadcast we had a talk on how their content is almost completely free of jargon, there is very little red pill conversation even though they are very knowledgeable about the topic, it’s not the focal point of the show. For the most part it centers on interests outside of the red pill space. I found this to be quite interesting, because from my perspective and a major reason I stopped writing here is that I’m sorta over “Looks, Money, Power, Status, Game” thing, that seems to repeat itself on a never-ending 3-6 month cycle. I could churn out “Gendernomics” articles twice a week on topic for profits, I just don’t want to, it’s not original and just boring, basic, bland and formulaic. Quite frankly it’s back breaking bargain basement material.

The plot is the same, the structure is the same, the characters are the same, the soundtrack is the same, and every-other city we go, and every-other video, it’s the same ho. Looks, money, power, status and game haven’t changed in importance since 2006. Yet, if you want hits, write an article or do a skit on “[insert one of the 5] is the most important shit” and you’ll get rich.  “Women in 2020 are the most savage and feral ever, they go HAM, You need my program. It’s brimming with plenty, plenty of hard posts beating the average peril being clever, you’ll fuck hoes of the gram or you get a free sluts 2020 sweater”  

My view is that the red pill space is purgatory, it’s like Rick and Morty, if you catch the story, get out before you turn douche and we have to start the mourning. You want to spend as little time here as possible before moving on to a better place. This place wasn’t designed for you to hang around here forever, the fire code is ereased, there are not enough bathrooms to go around and for some fucking reason the showers are always cold. Our buffet only has steaks and tofu, it’s on you to pick between black coffee and even blacker coffee, not to mention there are enough fuckers wilding out on a weekly basis that we should be hosted by Nick Cannon and sponsored by Worldstar.  Think of the red pill like a bank robbery, if you’ve been here longer than 2 mins, the alarms sounded and the cops are on their way in.

We have 20 years worth of videos, audio books, podcasts, books and essays, but have anyone written what are you supposed to do after you’ve actually done the red pill rat-race, tried to save food and not look like a boob? What do you do once on the first day of Red Pill your true coach sent to you, an email calling you n00b. On your second day of red pill your true coach sent to you, two emails calling you a screwed, and an email calling you n00b. On the third day of red pill, your true coach sent to you, a DM with 3 girl’s nudes, two emails calling you a screwed and an email calling you noob.

How many 6 foot dicks, 6 inch height requirements, 6 lambos, 6 figure notch counts do you need to fail at before you realize it’s a scam?  Do you continue to hustle or do you fall for the next hyperbolic douchebag who points out that your beard growth is patchy and buy his “how to grow a beard like mine in 7 days” (hint day 2 – 4 is recovering from the hair transplant). Is this shit turning into the Groundhog pill? Is this for real? Even Final Fantasy has a max level to the skills, it’s sorta fascinating how the red pill is morphing into a game where Asian nerds get themselves killed.

“Red Pill acolyte”: “OMG I just got a 6 foot penis all it took was hustling 22 hours a day for a year

Coach 2 mins later: “Is your cock under 11 ft? You’re not even a boy, I’ll teach you how to get here

Are we there yet? The illusion of a path is that it goes from A to B, but see, the profit isn’t in the cure, it’s in continue to receive, admire excess for free, want a piece, pay up sucker and excise it. I’d hate to be divisive, but what I see and what strikes me, is that it might be, that we encourage dependency, for a certain fee, we tell a man that he can be free, and receive his dreams. It’s crack philosophies, where the first hit is free, but after the change is undergone, and not before long, the man just out to get a home, needs red pill methadone, because the meta-approach, is to make some bones, and when the light is shone, it’s all hinged on the next step of the bridge, LEVEL UP, THE NEXT LEVEL, THE NEXT STEP. Every hero’s journey has a beginning, middle and an end, but if the interest is in selling riddles, there is no payoff at the end. If they no longer need Pfizer, but Pfizer needs them, to remain high in a sense, the pill is a circular friend. Am I making any sense with my 2 cents? That a passing interest to solve a problem, should not hold you hostage and then some?

Us as content creators, we aspire to greatness, it starts just wanting to aid friends, but months or years in have we gained any traction? When our content keeps point out the same sins and problems? Seems senseless to not push onward, hoping that our readers will soon be gone with the knowledge the pill offers, but off it, in that they cured their afflictions. Do we want to cure them of their demons or just keep them coming to meetings, in all seasons, always citing the pledge of allegiance,

Hi I’m Carl I’m a bluepillholigic, it’s been 2 years since I bought a girl flowers, I don’t think of baby showers, I just want to plow and choke girls. I earn 7 figures driving a hearse, I can deadlift 1000 lbs for reps while wearing a “I’m a spartan” T-shirt, my sidechick had a baby early and I ate the afterbirth, PROTEIN. I’ve been on the scene since Style’s hair had a nice sheen and “VH1 the pickup artist” was just a pipe-dream, but I put out auto-logic like Rage against the machine.” 

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this, when people have been here for 2 years and haven’t talked to a chick? Think about it, gym membership for 2 years, didn’t lift any weights. Been on Jenny Craig for 2 years, didn’t lose any weight. Been a Catholic all my life, don’t have any faith, girl shot me twice on our date, finally some penetration, this must be fate, Oh did I mention she’s late? At what point do we see that this approach ain’t working, when after years of reading, and guys are still stuck jerking like Peewee Herman, and being jerked by craftsmen like a penis-ad person?

The question is, are you a problem solver that holds men accountable and do not absolve them, a man who leads who make men better in their own life, or are you are problem-creator, with no accountability, who builds your life on men’s lives.

House of Spergs

I’ve made a little bit of a comeback to the soyosphere as of late after going through a few things in real life, that makes this somewhat difficult to write. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in Carl’s voice, so I’m a bit like bambi on the ice here trying to catch my footing and collect my thoughts for this post. There isn’t any new knowledge in here, quite frankly, it’s been a long time since there was any content in the manosphere that isn’t a re-statement at best or straight plagiarism at worst, alternatively, “Red pill take on” which is more like commentary on the news using the basics.

In my time spent in this space off and on for going on 2 decades, I’ve seen the same cycle play itself out again and again, and I’m starting to get that “Red pill prophetic” vision. Right now, I estimate that the “sphere” is at the storming phase, just as it was at the performing phase before the great upheaval of 2019. The cycle repeats itself, every time there is a dark age, then a Renaissance, then an enlightenment, but before we can make it to the industrial age, someone spergs the fuck out, and we have to start over again.

I think this is good to some extent, as it cleans out the space, so that new plants can grow, but it’s also bad, because in my experience the people who make their “fuck it, I’m out” calls, are never the ones you want to fuck off. The people who stay are often the ones with no other options, the ones who leave are often the ones who have other options.

So against my better judgement, I thought I’d rip off a movie title (I really wanted to go with The Big Sperg to stick with a financial theme), and guess what the downfall is going to be this time.

Focus on Receipts over Content

This is sort of obvious for me as an anon, who is also quite a prolific writer and content creator in this space. However, if we look at the most recent example of sperging out, it didn’t come from anons, it came from men who in their own words “Put their face, livelihoods and families” out there. There wasn’t a single anon in that group, and early on the “face out there” heavy hitters (in terms of original content production) such as Rian and Rollo, rapidly withdrew their association. Prior to this there had been wide condemnation of anons within this space, for some reason I’m the exception to that rule. Anyone who disagreed with the widely accepted strategy were condemned not on the basis of their content being of poor quality, but rather because they failed to show receipts.

My stance on this has always been that content speaks for itself, if the content has a certain level of quality, contains enough insight, teaches you something and inspires you to action, then that content is good. If that content is of questionable quality, contains no original insight, doesn’t teach you anything you couldn’t get from the bargain bin at walmart and doesn’t create a desire for action in you, then that content has no value. Action is the most important part, because no-one ever got laid by being able to quote Rollo, Rian, myself or any other content creator. They got laid by going out into the world, fucking up simple shit, going back out into the world, nailing the simple shit, fucking up the more complex shit, then repeating that until they get the hang of it.

My continued insistence and support for content creators and members of this community retaining their anonymity is that I know many of the men who participate in this space, and among them there are among others:

  • Directors at major companies who influence corporate policy.
  • Lawyers working inside the family courts to change the currently pro-female bias.
  • Psychologists working on the inside of the establishment to influence the DSM in a positive direction.
  • High ranking military men seeking to “Make the Military Great Again”
  • Owners of small and medium businesses who have great influence in their domain.
  • Politicians, elected officials and people within the political space.

These are all people who can influence the direction of society in a beneficial direction for men, much more so than a random guy building his personal brand from a cheap rental, who spent his ramen budget on a professional photoshoot on instagram so he has glossy marketing photos.  However, the men that actually have something to lose meaning they actually have jobs, families and livelihoods, as opposed to people with a twitter account, rented instagram models who are going broke, require anonymity in order to participate in this space.

Oversaturation of the Market

I wasn’t sure I wanted to mention this, but to make a WWE analogy, it used to be that you could only watch Wrestling at occasional local shows and once a week on television. Now there is:

Raw on Mondays

Smackdown on Tuesdays

NXT on Wednesday

Main Event on Thursday

Superstars on Friday

Monthly Pay-per-views on Sundays

Just keeping up with all of this is easily 20 hours a week, add other brands of Wrestling, dirt sheets, news, and other programming it could probably reach 40 hours a week. Same thing with the content in the sphere, I know bitching about there being “too much content” is a bit strange, but I do actually believe in that. Between weekly posting schedules for long-form articles, 2 – 3 hours of daily podcasts (probably more), the marathons starting with Red morning at 9 am Est. and Ending with Red Evening at midnight, that’s a full 14 hours of almost continuous content. Add to it the back catalog of hundreds of content creators, hell I’m pretty sure just reading all of Rollo would take you close to 6 months .When are people supposed to go the gym, get laid, eat nothing but meat/vegetables/raw/boiled/steamed, build their personal brand, build their business and tan their asshole?

Continued Commercialization

Another sacred cow… back when Illimitableman wrote his “Monetization of the manosphere” essay, he caught a lot of flack, and was misinterpreted to a great degree both willfully and by second-hand reports. The main takeaway from that essay for me was that if commercialization becomes too easy, and anyone with a domain, twitter account and 5 hours of time can create 50 posts, spam links on twitter and make a few hundred a month from it, then that becomes a threat to the intellectual integrity of the space, and it makes this niche very attractive to scam artists. He was right in that, the onslaught of derivative brands I ran into when I logged back into my account after 6 months without logging in was not so much an onslaught as an avalanche.

All of them with the same 3 word intro, all with the “I teach you how to live life more X by Y contact me at Z” all following the same post-post-pitch pattern, all using the “dick-ride bigger accounts” strategy, proves that in retrospect Illimitableman was right in a lot of what he said in that essay. This space has been invaded by snake-oil salesmen and clout chasers all out to market products they do not have, with content they haven’t created, on websites with the same wordpress theme, through social media profiles that look more like 1 guy running a massive pyramid scheme than authentic individuals.

These will be the cause of the next “sperg the fuck out” phase, as the tradcons using the exact same tactics were the cause of the last. When their easy money made for little work, becomes threatened, expect the same thing to happen that happened with the trad-marketers.

Closing thoughts

I marked Storming as green in the graphic, because I think that’s roughly where the space is right now for the main content creators as I see them. I’m by no means calling all of the soyosphere spergs, just observing that in this space they probably make up the majority, if not a sizable minority of the population.

Post-spergopolypse Rule Zero was formed and I was happy to be there for the forming and most of the norming phase, and the guys seem to be storming on very well and will move into performing very soon. I’m very happy for them, and hope they’ll have me on as a guest whenever I can jump on, though my involvement in this space will be somewhat limited for some time to come due to issues in my real life.

I hope to be a more frequent guest and work more with Rian on Day Drinkin’ and Shit Talkin’ erm.. Red Morning, because I genuinely enjoy doing the show with Rian in our “We have a general  idea of where we’re going with this, but for the most part we run our mouths” format, because I think it demonstrates that fluidity and flowing with topics is a necessary skill for human interaction.

Lastly, I hope to continue to write here as the fancy strikes me. I originally stopped because of real life issues, but then I didn’t come back to it because I felt like I didn’t really have anything original to write, and I don’t want to lower the quality of this site by repeating myself over and over again just to keep up with a posting schedule I created.


Balancing acts

As I sit here preparing to cook this year’s News Years dinner, I found myself contemplating the year that is soon to be behind us. It’s been a very eventful year, starting with great strife within this space, and culminating in myself almost passing during the fall. During all this, I found myself teetering for lack of a better word between the various parts of my life, and how it’s constructed. I say “constructed” because as I outlined in Gendernomics: Building Value, I believe that men build their lives, women have life build them. Man happens to life, life happens to woman.

Once you find yourself in very much a weakened state, you find yourself challenging many of your previous assumptions and coming to some new perspectives, which is what I want to talk a little bit about today.

One of the more regular questions I used to get, was “How do convert other men so that they may become Red Pill men?“, “How do I teach men what I now know to be the truth of male-female sexual dynamics?“, “How do I change myself to become more red pill?” and many variations on what is essentially the same question. “How do I integrate The Red Pill and my current life?

A major cause of the schism earlier this year, was how to answer this question, prescriptively and concretely VS. descriptively and abstractly. I tend to prefer the latter, for the simple reason that each man has some shared variables and quite a few unique variables. However, I’ve also come to realize that the downside of the latter, is that excessive abstraction and description of abstract concepts, often renders ideas unable of application. Whereas, the downside of excessive prescription and concreteness tends to become dogmatism and control. Thus, with Gendernomics: Building Value, I attempted to bridge the two sides of the chasm through leading out principles and prescriptions from the abstractions.

This was a balancing act, as with many others we deal with from day to day, but we do not think about. We balance our personalities between our family life, our friends, our work, and our general social image, however we also have a personality that often becomes dominant when we find ourselves alone. It is this balancing act a man must find between his new-found perspectives, and those of his old life.

One of my own balancing acts that I struggle with is investment, not as in financial investment, but with time management and how personally invested I permit myself to become. As I had my reflective period post-problems, my perspective shifted a bit in that I saw that while this space has been exceedingly good to me, as of the most recent year it had morphed into something else. Rather than a mostly cooperative space founded on volunteer work by many men who offered their time, thoughts and experiences, it had become an avenue for telemarketers and evangelists. I suppose a way of putting it would be in the beginning helping yourself and helping others was the goal and any financial gains were incidental, as of last year financial gains and helping yourself became the goal and helping others was incidental.

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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted here.

Now being the rumor-mill and gossipsphere it always was, I’d like to think that at least they came up with some juicy rumors about my absence.

  • “Carl got a girl pregnant”
  • “Carl converted to Christianity”
  • “Carl’s MBTI profile is obviously not suited for the long-term exposure he was taking on”
  • “Carl got married”
  • “Shit, Carl really was a Russian spy and the NSA just got him”
  • “Shit, Carl must have died”

Only one of those are partially true.

Long story short, went in for some surgery back at the start of September, there were complications, then there were infections and here we are a little over 2 months later. Quite frankly, you’d be surprised how much catching up to do you have once you aren’t able to work at all for 2 months, it takes some time to get a handle on the critical factors of your life, such as being able to live it. To be honest though, I stayed away a little while longer than I had to, I’m sorry that I didn’t keep Rian updated, nor anyone else while this was going on, but I felt like I needed a break from the manosphere. If for no other reason than to reflect on the space as a whole, its many parts and things that have gone down over the past year or so.

3 months without any content, any contact with other content creators and no contact with the space really clears the head. Add in almost dying and you realize how petty and pointless many of the squabbles really are. Most of all they detract from content that is useful, and that’s really where I failed towards the end, I was uninspired to write for the longest time, because I felt like I was rehashing the same topics from a different angle on a constant basis, never getting into producing some new and useful information. Quite frankly, there is a limit to how many times you can repeat “Women chase the best deal“, “Men prioritize availability over price and quality

I’ve got some upcoming ideas for content now that I’ll be working on, and until next time, best of luck.

Best regards



Of Illusions and Individuality

On the tail end of my recent trip, in a blur of dates, hook-ups and matches, I found myself reading a post by Kyle Trouble [1] that gave me some pause. I especially enjoyed this reflection:

“Once you become educated in the way of women, it’s natural to become a bit jaded. Over time, this passes, as I’ve discussed—you must let go. If you don’t, you’ll just end up a miserable old hack.

But learning the true nature of how male and female dynamics works does something else. You can get the women you always lusted and desired for. You can have sex with them, and you can even keep them around in a happy and fulfilling relationship. But it all comes with a trade off. Things will be different than the fantasy world that you grew up in.” [1] 

The reason behind it is quite simple, Kyle hit on something that I’ve thought a lot about, especially in periods of my life when I run very active game. One of the habits I developed early was to keep rather comprehensive notes during these periods, not only to keep track of the different girls, but also because I think they are very valuable as a tool to help me improve my game. If something blows up in my face, I can go back and review, see where I went wrong and then take steps to avoid that happening again.

Let’s be fair, you can over-game, under-game, over-comfort, under-comfort, be too entertaining, not entertaining enough, too sexual or too non-sexual, horny instead of sexual and many other things. Most of these are dials that have to be adjusted based on the girl, the context, the culture and many other things. If one of my stories, or a sequence of my anecdotes is more effective at achieving my goal, I want to be able to put that into a pattern, to increase my efficiency.

So, I like my notes for this reason, they are my impressions shortly after the meeting, significant moments are recorded and I can go back, look at the variables, make my adjustments and improve. This makes me more efficient and gets me more results, however it also removes some of the organic, natural parts of the interaction. It’s a bit like playing Starcraft for fun vs. Starcraft as a pro gamer, sure the pro gamer is better at the game, but it’s all automated, there are few if any surprises in it. However, sometimes you get hit with a surprise.

What Kyle touched on, but didn’t make explicit was the trade-off between two sets of things, set 1 are the principles that make up Red Pill theory, hypergamy, solipsism, AF/BF, communication differences, the adventure bubble, escalation and such things. The second set are the dynamic variables that to some extent are both objective and subjective. These are shared among all girls, but the dials are set to varying levels, a good example would be the ovulatory shift, a girl who is in her proliferative phase can be escalated faster than a girl who is not. If she’s also got 3 drinks in her, has been without sex for a month, is in a foreign country and is under 25, she can be escalated even faster.

Starcraft has rules, and an optimal strategy, the Red Pill has principles and heuristics.

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The Truth Vs. “My Truth”

When selecting research methodology for a research project, the budding researcher is often caught between two paradigms, positivism and phenomenology, both have their own strengths, and they also have their own weaknesses. The best example of the power of positivism is the census, the sample size is literally “every person in the country”, and we get data that is 100% applicable to the whole population of the country. When you employ positivism, you aim to identify objective truth, with general applicability, meaning that you need a sample large enough for your data to be applied to the general population.

The major limit of positivism though, is that it’s purely a quantitative approach, and seeks to establish things as hard facts, and to discover the causal relationship between those as hard laws. The role of the researcher within positivism is as an observer, a data collector and interpreter of quantitative data [1].

The five main principles of positivist research are summarized thus [1]:

  1. There are no differences in the logic of inquiry across sciences.

  2. The research should aim to explain and predict.

  3. Research should be empirically observable via human senses. Inductive reasoning should be used to develop statements (hypotheses) to be tested during the research process.

  4. Science is not the same as the common sense. The common sense should not be allowed to bias the research findings.

  5. Science must be value-free and it should be judged only by logic.

Interpretivism arose due to a desire among some researchers to go beyond what can be established quantitatively by positivism, and introduce a degree of interpretation into the study. For this reason it focuses more on qualitative methods and seeks to find the meaning in the data. One can break down interpretivism [2] into multiple areas, but the one must applicable to The Red Pill is Phenomenology [3]. Phenomenology as a research paradigm is focused on experiences, events and occurrences with disregard or minimum regard for the external or physical reality. It also has issues with analysis, interpretation and lower levels of validity and reliability than positivism.

See the table below for the compare and contrast: Continue reading

Reality Testing

One of the most interesting things about the seduction community and the red pill is the development of the methodologies and theory. Unlike most research projects where strictly controlled conditions and smaller samples are often used for exploratory theory, the red pill took the form of a decentralized grounded theory project. What this means in practice is that a very large group of motivated men, got together, developed theories and then field tested these theories. Over time this built a theoretical framework that outlined many of the major concepts that are now considered foundation material:

  • Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks 
  • AWALT 
  • Hypergamy 
  • Solipsism 
  • The War-bride dynamic
  • Cocky & Funny 
  • Ovulatory shift

Field-testing thus serves a very important role within this community, in that the field reports from hundreds if not thousands of men who have attempted to implement the theory into their life both helps give confirmation, but also gives feedback on new concepts that need to be developed. For instance, the reason why Style’s “Who lies more, men or women?” opener became the most used opener back in the told PUA days was that not only did it work for Style, it also worked for thousands of other men. It worked so well, that it actually became a casualty of its own success, because it became so well known even among women, that by using it, you betrayed the fact that you were one of those “game guys“.

The more accurate a given concept in theory is, the more accepted it becomes in the greater community. The more consistently a man can produce theoretical concepts or verify theoretical concepts, the more central his work becomes to the space. Chateau Heartiste became one of the most influential blogs in this space precisely because of almost unprecedented contribution both theoretical and in terms of field reports.  For a group that has no real gatekeeping mechanism like for instance science does, this combination of contribution over time, verification of theories, and field reports are the only gate that exists.

In academia, gatekeeping takes the form of degree requirements in order to ensure familiarity with both methodology and the theoretical framework of the field. This is to ensure that people who seek to contribute are familiar with both the research that has been done within the field previously and the methodology for expanding, or challenging that knowledge. My favorite example being when John Forbes Nash, a brilliant mathematician was chided by Einstein for wanting to amend relativity without studying physics. Once one gets past that gate, peer review and replication/verification studies for a second barrier.

Researcher 1 conducts a study, that is then submitted for publication in a journal, in order to qualify for publication it must be peer-reviewed, meaning that other researchers within the field read and critique the study. Then once it has been published, other researchers within the field conduct verification/replication studies to see if they get the same results. If many replication/verification studies are conducted that confirm the findings of the original study, the original study is strengthened.

If we compare this to how it works in The Red Pill community this is similar to how things used to be: Continue reading

Tailoring Game


Some of the most annoying questions I get are “How do I get a girl” and “How do I get that specific girl” the reason for why I hate both questions lie on the same continuum, the first one is not specific enough, is the latter is far too specific.

The reason I dislike the first one is that I could flippantly answer “$100 bucks and an online escort site“, and the reason I dislike the latter is that it views Game and The Red Pill as a Gamespot Strategy Guide for 100 completion with all achievements for the “Chicks” game. What they both have in common is a lack of understanding of what game and the red pill is, however, this is a trait that they share with many other men, women and children. This idea that the Red Pill is a book of rules with a process model that if you follow it to the T you can get any girl.

I’m sorry to tell you that the Red Pill and Game will never be a 100% guarantee to get any girl you want, or any girl at all. If you implement it correctly, make it a part of your life and do the work, it will help you get more girls, but not all girls.

The same mindset lies behind “If you were only alpha enough” or “If your frame was strong enough” or “I bang nothing but 9s and 10s and lay more pipe across North America than North American Oil & Gas Pipelines Inc.” LARPing is not that hard to spot.

Now, I started this essay with this little rant, because I want to cover an important topic today, namely tailoring. Before we get to that point of the essay, I want to define how I conceptualize the red pill and game. Continue reading

Truth and Reality

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and I wrote a fairly long, intricate essay entitled “What is The Red Pill?“, I was somewhat puzzled that I had to do such thing but I decided to write it out, if for nothing else to make the distinctions and delineations clear in my own mind. To me it was always very clear from the Matrix quote where the metaphor comes from:

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

The options being, that if you elect to take the blue pill, then you wake up within your illusion, and believe whatever you want about your world. If you take the red pill, you see reality and truth. Of course, this is based on an axiom that there is such a thing as objective reality which which we can measure and interact with to determine truth. Which I tend to think is accurate, because that is the basis for much of people’s lifestyles these days, from the TRT they take to make up for their testicles not producing enough, to the scientific work that had to be done for me to be typing this on a computer, in an air-conditioned room, and being able to talk to the world. We can identify the truth defined as [1]:

The quality or state of being true.

‘he had to accept the truth of her accusation
  1. 1.1 also the truth That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
    ‘tell me the truth’
    ‘she found out the truth about him’
  2. 1.2 count noun A fact or belief that is accepted as true.
    ‘the emergence of scientific truths’
    ‘the fundamental truths about mankind’

However, then I got into a debate at a party with a mentor of mine, where I pointed out the distinction between facts as in the natural sciences, meaning the density of materials, the interactions of chemicals under given conditions, biological laws, and the Laws of Nature. As opposed to “facts” as in the social sciences, politics, popular vernacular and journalism, that are not so much facts, but a mixture of data and interpretations in a nice ratatouille of hodgepodge.

His response to me, as he swished some nice Cremant around in his glass, funnily enough was:

[Carl], you have to have an IQ of 125 just to understand that distinction

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