The economics of gender relations

adam-smithCertain fields within the social sciences are rapidly becoming comical in their “research” and the mountains of bias that enter into their research. Luckily, economics is still regarded as a valid field, despite including such things as “Marxist economics”. The economic analysis of relationships between persons and groups can be viewed as a lens without the normal emotional Continue reading

The Axiomatic effect on perception

axiomaticIn occasional debates you end up in an axiomatic Mexican stand-off, where both parties are fundamentally disagreeing on topic, because of the axioms that influence their perception. You may also find yourself in a line of work you hate, yet you keep being in for year after year. Maybe you want to get laid more, but buying flowers and dinners isn’t working. It could be that you want to be in better shape, or perhaps get more education. Your success or failure in these endeavors come from Continue reading

Marxist theory and Feminism

165_Communist_leadersThe whole foundation of Marxism is conflict, the struggle between the exploited and the exploiters. To give a short summary of Marxist class struggle, his argument is that workers (Proletariat) produce goods that a capital owner (Bourgeois) sells to the market. However, the capital owner does not pay the workers the full value of goods produced, he pays them less than the full value and then appropriates the surplus to himself.

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Syllogisms on “equality”

Equality is a word that is often used, but can have many meanings, that’s why it’s so easy to use it in rhetoric. We should all strive for people being equal right? Equality just means that people are equal, it’s in the constitution.

In this post, the terms “equal” and “equality” will be synonymous with the mathematical sign =, “meaning of equal value.

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Grounded theory and the PUA community

grounded theoryI touched on grounded theory as a research method in my short introduction to research methodology. To expand on it, grounded theory is an approach that turns the research paradigm on its head. Where a positivist and phenomenologist tend to start by reading exhaustively on a topic, selecting a theoretical framework and then performing experiments to see if the framework applies in the specific case they are studying in. Grounded theory starts with a question or qualitative observations.

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