Means, motive and opportunity

michael-maslin-you-had-the-means-and-the-motive-but-when-did-you-have-the-opportunity-t-new-yorker-cartoonMost of you have probably heard about the three words in the title, they refer to the 3 aspects that help to build a legal case against someone. They can be condensed into why, how and where of a crime. Motive is as it follows from the world, your reason for doing something, you may be nice to your boss and over-deliver on your tasks to try to ensure a promotion. In many ways motive touches on the same principles as expectancy and equity theory,  in that it represents what you want and what you think you have to do. Means on the other hand is your ability to do what is needed to get what you want. For instance, if you want to over-deliver you need to have the time to go above and beyond, you need to have the self-discipline to push yourself, and the required skills to do your job well.

Opportunity is the harder one of the three to describe it is the mixture of hard work, dedication and timing. For you to go above and beyond, there needs to be a way for you to do so, either by taking an initiative or by being trusted with something. Personally, I’m a strong believer in that we can often create our own opportunities, and by not doing so we are wasting our time. It can be explained by the lamenting of fresh graduates “Everyone wants experience by how can I get experience without anyone willing to hire me?” This is a fact of every career, regardless of how high you go in a corporate system, in order to be hired into the C-Suite, for the most part you need to have been there before.

You may have the motive and the means to be a C-level executive, alpha dog, Guru and many other things, but understand that people will not give you that position just because you are ready, willing and able.

Motive and the red pill

Motive in the red pill, just like in a criminal case is going to be the most important aspect of your journey once you discover the red pill and manosphere. The motivation of a person is what drives them forward in life and leads to the continuous cycle of self-improvement that is advocated across the manosphere. Interestingly enough, there are two somewhat outlier camps on the topic, there are MGTOW that to some extent reject the male performance demand, and for various reasons are not motivated to undertake the cycle of self-improvement. I’ve read and listened to many of their arguments, and to some extent they are valid.

After discovering the red pill, MGTOW depending on the definition tend to some extent swear off relationships with women. Some may still engage in short term relationships or one-night stands, while some swear off the relationships all together. This is often based on the argument that once a man is in a long term relationship with a woman, its an expectation that he will cater to her needs and any failure to do so has a high probability of resulting in costly divorce, being a child-support slave for the next 18 years or so, false accusations of domestic violence and a myriad of other things.

The other extreme tend to be referred to as “Pick-up artists”, once these men become red-pill aware, they tend to adopt an approach that is based on a cycle of constantly improving themselves to become the alpha, and thus obtain prime mating choices. These men are motivated by their desire to be a top contender for female attention and will often adopt any means necessary early on to achieve their goal.

The third reaction, tends to be somewhere between the two, where the MGTOW builds a life without women, the PUA builds a life centered on women, the third reaction is to build a life centered on yourself, which naturally centers women around you.

The means of the red pill

Once you know your motivation, that will drive you towards enacting your vision of yourself and your life in the world. Whether that be a MGTOW lifestyle centered on yourself, a PUA lifestyle that centered around women, or a balanced lifestyle that make women center on you, you can determine what means will get you to that lifestyle. You cannot find the way you need to walk, without first knowing in which direction you wish to travel.  By knowing deep down within yourself what you want, you will also be able to analyze and determine what brings you close to that goal and what distances you from it.

The means people elect to build for themselves are many and varied, some invest in property and seek to build wealth, whereas others eschew it completely from the perspective that owning property ties you to one location. Some build their bodies, some build their minds and some do not. The important aspect of means is aligning them with your long-term goals, so that you can stay on the true path.

The opportunities

The challenge with opportunities is that they tend to never appear when you expect or most desire them. It’s somewhat like how you are never hit on as much as when you are already in a relationship with someone. I am reminded of a quote a mentor of mine shared with me many years ago “The harder I work the luckier I get“. Opportunity is common in this world, we are swimming in them, what many people are not swimming in is the courage to recognize and seize and opportunity when it appears.

Knowing your path and having the motive, enables you to recognize and grab opportunities when they are not always clear and simple. Many people live in a world where opportunities are handed out gift-wrapped and ready to be seized. As you go through life you will miss opportunities, and you will seize opportunities, some things that appeared as great opportunities and be mirages, and some things that appear as mirages will be great opportunities.

Summary and conclusions

In the legal system means, motive and opportunity central to building a case, because they establish why someone would do something, how they would do it and when they would do it. In your life, they are useful as check-points, that build off each other. The stronger your motivation to reach an end-state, the clearer your means will be and the more effort you will put into achieving them and therefore the more ready to grab and opportunity when it arises you will be. The most central one is motive, because it is your reason for the others. If you do not have motive, you may not be building yourself up at all, or you may find yourself years down the road having made yourself into something that is not aligned with your newly discovered motive. Without motive and means, any opportunity you perceive is likely to tear you down, more than it builds you up, as a person who faces opportunity without means and motive is like a ship out at sea with no navigator.

In your life, motive is your Captain, he will show you the path to where you desire to be. Means is your deckhands, the cook, the ones that enable you to get where you desire to be, and opportunity happens when you ask a Spanish Queen to finance your expedition to find a new path to the east.

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