Rational to SJW translations Part 1

Orange-Translate-ButtonAs I was researching the Social Justice Chronicles I started to realize that there are some major barriers to communication between a normal, reasonably reasonable, fact oriented human being and a social justice warrior. To try and alleviate the communication barriers and ensure that a dialogue can be accomplished, with a minimal risk of the SJW needing either a safe-space, trigger warnings or alternatively if they are the acting out variant of SJW and have a high risk of storming stages, attacking speakers, chanting so that speakers can not be heard. This post is divided into 2 main sections, what an SJW is saying and what that actually means and what a normal person is saying and an SJW actually hears.

SJW to Normal person

Statement:Check your privilege

What it actually means:Your perception of your world is clouded by the fact that you do not check enough boxes in the privilege hierarchy. You are reaping benefits from the normal day to day behavior of your privileged ancestors”


Statement: “Racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia come from social structures, constructs and positions of power”

What it actually means: “You can only be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic if your boxes on the privilege hierarchy sum to a higher sum than the person/group you are referring to. Therefore, women can never be sexist against men, a person of color can never be racist against a white person, a trans can never be CISphobic and a homophobe can never be heterophobic”


Statement: “Listen and believe lived experience”

What it actually means:I don’t have any evidence or reasoning to back up my claim, however you should take my word for it for no reason what so ever


Statement:Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic

What it actually means: “I am trained in using subjective interpretations and to be swayed by my own confirmation bias, therefore I can find sexism, racism and homophobia everywhere


Statement: “You have just internalized white supremacy and misogyny

What it actually means: “Based on your sex and your race, you have perspectives that your sex and race should not have


Statement:That’s hate speech! Stop Hate Speech!

What it actually means: “You have presented arguments and facts, which I cannot refute, therefore I have to disqualify your statement through a histrionic fit

#Gamergate easter eggs

Statement: “Video-games need to be more diverse.”

What it actually means: “There are not enough female, gay, transgender, non-white protagonists in the 2 games I watched someone play on Youtube”


Statement: Tech companies, and video-game companies need to focus on attaining a better staff diversity, including more women, more homosexuals, more non-whites etc.

What it actually means: “We feel that tech being extremely meritocratic in nature, leads to there being few women and minorities (except Asians), as we are uncomfortable with merit, and are comfortable neglecting that the HR- and marketing departments within those companies are filled with females, we want affirmative action in Silicon Valley. “


Statement: “Gamers are dead”

What it actually means: “We in the gaming press, having been challenged on the fact that we party with, sleep with, and otherwise have very close personal relationships with the same people who’s games we review, recommend and support, would rather attack our key demographic over risking not being invited to the cool indie parties.”

What a normal person says and an SJW hears:

Statement by the normal person: “I think that given the equal pay act, and similar legislation, that the 77c on the $ wage gap is a case of poor methodology. Ample research shows that once corrected for among others personal choices and hours worked the wage gap disappears”

What the SJW hears: “Women should be paid less than men”


Statement by a normal person: “I think that the broadening- and often inconsistent definitions of what constitutes sexual assault creates too much of a grey area that can easily be exploited for political gains, by the media and can lead to ruining people’s lives”

What the SJW hears: “I don’t think sexual assault ever happens”


Statement by a normal person: “I’m aware that sexism, racism, homophobia and many other perspectives that are deemed damaging according to today’s social morals were quite common opinions in the past. By changing the accepted social morals and enacting legislation to guarantee equal treatment today, we have taken steps to improve it, but there is no way to change the past.”

What the SJW hears: “I think we should allow people to be sexist, racist and homophobic if they want to”


Statement by a normal person: “We have to allow people freedom to express their thoughts and ideas in the marketplace of ideas in order to find our which are good and which are bad.” 

What the SJW hears: “Sorry darling, you’re going to have to come up with actual arguments and facts, not just pure emotion.” 


Statement by a normal person: “Given that feminism has accomplished equal economic, social and political opportunities for women in the United States and Europe, feminism is now irrelevant here, but it still has a big job to do in the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia” 

What the SJW hears: “Only non-whites can be sexist


Statement by a normal person: “I just don’t think feminism is relevant in today’s age”

What the SJW hears: “Women should be slaves”


Statement by a normal person: “Since feminism is about the equality of the sexes, how come it doesn’t work equally on men’s issues?”

What the SJW hears: “Men are more important than women”


Statement by a normal person: “The original Ghostbusters was a classic, it had relatable characters, and is a treasured memory of our childhood. I think the new one looks like it was made to cash in on the franchise, without taking into the account what made the original a great movie.”

What the SJW hears: “I hate women

Summary and conclusions

For most of us, we attempt to understand what another person is attempting to communicate and put effort into maintaining a form of communication that enables us to understand each other. For an SJW on the other hand, everything they say is translated through a convoluted vocabulary that only has meaning to their own sub-group. In the same manner, everything you tell a social justice warrior is translated through a matrix that reduces what you said to the lowest common denominator and sees how your statement fits with their narrative. Every person has their own subjective filters that affect information processing, among these are perspectives, principles and knowledge. For an SJW their perspective is “Victim-Oppressor”, their principles are derived from inter-sectional feminist theory and their knowledge is limited to their emotional reaction to experience.

As demonstrated by my examples, the communication issues with SJWs are two-fold, their outwards communication is convoluted with a vocabulary informed by principles and “knowledge” that do not hold up logically or empirically. While their interpretation of incoming communication is filtered through an ideological lens that scrambles incoming communication and results in outgoing communication in response becoming gibberish.


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