The Red Pill and Defense Mechanisms

defenseWhen I was writing the recent article about the lamentations of “Fun Single girl, one of the things that struck me was how many of her complaints, men being raised poorly, men not embodying the narrative of what a man should be and men not knowing what they want, so accurately appear to capture the negative phenomena. Some of the more frequent complaints I see in the manosphere both in articles and comment sections is that women are no longer raised to be feminine, to embody the image of what a female is and that women do not know what they want. This made me think of the mechanism of psychological projection, wherein a human being defends themselves against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others. Perhaps the woman in lamentations is in fact attributing the truth about herself to the men she desires but fails to capture in her net.

This lead to thinking about the psychological defense mechanisms that Sigmund Freud identified, and that Anna Freud defined in “The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense“. These are not merely unconscious protective measures to stop you from connecting with your instincts, but also serve to protect you from the consequences of confronting your flaws and weaknesses. Thus, by identifying when defense mechanisms appear in your psyche, you can better connect with your instincts, confront your flaws, and eradicate your weaknesses. There is quite an arsenal of different defense mechanisms, but for the purpose of brevity, I’ll cover the nine most common ones. Continue reading

The Waffle-cone of Deplorables

ice-creamNot a standard fallacy by any stretch or means, rather, I would argue it as a variant of a red herring. The name I gave to it, comes from reductio ad absurdum which is a logical device, wherein one attempts to disprove a statement by showing that it leads to an absurd conclusion. Alternatively, to prove that a statement must be true, as it not being true would lead to an absurd conclusion.  Combined with “ethica” the Latin word for ethics. The impetus for the creation of this new variant of logical fallacy, is that it is becoming quite common to observe that people engaged in a debate, seek to turn a debate regarding facts, into a debate regarding ethics.

While ethical considerations are important, they are not the be all, end all of argument. When one pivots from a debate on solid factual foundations, to one based in ethical considerations one at the same time moves to a foundation of sand. Furthermore, the concept of “Virtue signalling” where a person asserts opposition to an opponents position based not in fact, or logic, but in order to increase their social status within a group or groups.

The fallacy takes place when someone changes the premise for the discussion to be a primarily based in ethics. Continue reading

Pitching Alpha Girl From An Elevator

femfloweredit-300x2161After publishing my last essay on Monday, I was somewhat struggling with my draft folder, while I have somewhat of a backlog of articles I want to publish, I couldn’t really find that flow state that I need in order to write on the level I want to write. However, luckily one of my followers retweeted this article entitled “7 Important Things To Know Before Dating an Alpha Female“, that in addition to making me laugh a little, also offered ample opportunity to expand on my Cluster-B Series. First off, if you are writing an article on women who are difficult to deal with, you may not want to use a graphic that depicts a woman who has been diagnosed with an Axis-2 personality disorder, more specifically borderline personality disorder. She may as well have used the famous graphic of Marilyn Monroe (another borderline) with the Cluster-B favorite quote “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best“. Secondly, you may want to avoid structuring your sales pitch like an ad for a haunted, broken down house in the boonies.

However, women as the marketing sex, on top of their inherent ability for solipsism and rationalization, is what inspired the realtor to outline the broken down house with no water as a “quaint and charming fixer-upper”, or the house with blood on the floor and a history of murders being committed there as “A unique space with an exiting history”.

So, lets go through the “7 Important Things” in order to identify the crazy contained within and utilize the female sexual strategies to identify the category of sexual strategy that this woman is using. Continue reading

The Sexual Market Skinner-Box

skinner-boxBurrhus Frederic Skinner is perhaps one of the most influential psychologists of the last 100 years, despite being relatively unknown to the mainstream and I touched on his work in Methods of Female Madness. Unlike Freud who got much attention for his focus on neurosis, sex and in many ways laid the groundwork for psychoanalysis, Skinner’s work in behaviorism flew somewhat under the radar among the general public. The major contribution Skinner made is in hte field of Operant Conditioning, based in his belief that free will is an illusion and human action is dependent on the consequences of previous actions. Thus, it follows along the same line as Scott Adams’ concept of humans as “moist robots“.

Skinner broke down behaviors in two categories, respondent and operant. Where respondent behavior are elicited by stimuli and can be modified by the use of Pavlovian conditioning, where neutral stimulus is paired with eliciting stimulus. Operant behaviors are not initially induced by any stimulus, and are strengthened by instrumental conditioning. Meaning that they are strengthened or weakened by the response to the behavior. Continue reading

Gendernomics: Five Factors of Alpha and Beta

big-fiveThe notion of sex as a marketplace where deals are continuously made between human beings is in many ways as profound as it is simple. Once identified one can analyse and review actions within it as any other market, be it the grand bazaar of Istanbul or the East Asian derivatives market. Markets serve as an aggregate of everything, human philosophy, resource availability, future hopes and future dreads. They all affect the price of a product or a security. An interesting correlation is what happens when a society breaks down and goods become scarce, luxury items for instance often drop in price unless they have a practical value, and necessities soar in price and demand.

The concept of hypergamy, often misunderstood as “women marry up“, is one of the cardinal principles within the sexual market place that greatly affects price and ensures that female sexual market value is sticky downwards. Meaning that as a woman’s “performance” within the market declines as a result of aging, or other factors, her price demands are very slow to respond to changed market conditions. This can often be seen in women who are entering or well into their epiphany phase, who despite being an objectively lower value commodity, are often found demanding the same or a higher price for their intimacy. Hypergamy, thus does not refer purely to the idea that women marry up, but that women seek to maximize their sexual market value trades, balancing their long and short term strategies, attempting to secure the maximum amount of alpha genetics, while seeking to ensure long-term provisioning for themselves and their offspring.

Since the inception of the manosphere figuring out which traits signal what has been an ongoing project, with the most time being dedicated to the constructs of Alpha and Beta. Where the construct of Alpha refers to a behavior set that trigger the short term and long term mating preference in women, and Beta a behavior set that triggers the long term mating instinct in woman in certain contexts. Continue reading

Sex Politics and Monopoly Conditions

monopolyI came across this thread on Reddit a few days ago, and felt that it warranted further comment from a Gendernomics perspective. To give the short version, the wife was a major Hillary Clinton supporter, and her husband voted Trump, as a result she decided to deny him sex for 30 days. The responses in the thread vary, from those who advocate that the husband should communicate how it feels to his wife, to those who think it is perfectly warranted considering the false media narrative surrounding Trump’s treatment of women.

The first piece of advice that stood out as an illustration of the feminine primary perspective is this :

Generally speaking, sex as a weapon is not cool. And it only works because of the false pretense that it’s purely a service for the guy and that women don’t like sex just as much if not more then men.

But on a side note, voting for Trump but then not understanding why a woman is withholding access to her body to express disapproval? The irony is palpable.

This is an amazing example of female logic, in that sentence one outlines that it is not OK to use sex as a weapon, but the last sentence expresses complete understanding for why this was done. It is either OK to withhold sex, or it is not. The next comment gives some context to the manner, outlining how to more effectively utilize sex as a weapon to promote compliance:

This is actually a pretty common tactic that’s been used before, known as a sex strike, though if your wife wanted it to be effective, she should’ve denied the sex before the election to prompt you to not vote Trump. In countries where it’s used it’s done as a form of nonviolent protest to prompt some action from the husband. In this situation though, she’s using it as a punishment since there’s not much else that can be done at this point.

Regardless of if it is used as a weapon, the reasoning behind it is manipulation. In the case of a sex strike, it is used to force behavioral change through operant conditioning. In the case of a “sex strike“, the reasoning is “If you do X, you get punished with Y” or “If you do not do X, you get rewarded with Y“. In the latter case, it is a case of positive reinforcement, where the husband is punished after he voted. The former is in some ways less malicious than the latter, as the former presents an explicit demand, the latter creates an intermittent reinforcement situation, wherein the husband may frame all his actions going forward based on “if I do this, will she deny me sex?“. Continue reading

The 5 Stages of Red Pill

stages-of-grief-300x282The reaction to red pill philosophy depends very much on both the sender and the receiver of communication. Some men take to the Red pill philosophy as helping them finally make sense of their troubles, and gives them a framework for fixing the problems they are experiencing. Others reject the philosophy wholesale and writes it off as misogyny, or fables. Some seek to adopt some principles, but reject others, collectively this group is referred to as “Purple Pill“.

Many times the reaction to the philosophy is strongly correlated with the situation then man is in when first presented with the body of knowledge that collectively makes up the theoretical framework of the red pill.  In many cases a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the case of the red pill a solid kick to some of the more sensitive parts of a male tends to be the required catalyst. This is no different than when rejecting any long-held beliefs that shape our world-view.

I’m reminded of a flight I was on some years ago, where I found myself sitting next to an older gentleman on the way home from a golf trip. As often happens, we ended up in a discussion of our educational pursuits. He had studied philosophy at a higher level, and I asked why considering he had spent most of his life until retirement in the business-world. His answer was that philosophy is the foundation of everything, it encompasses all perspectives you hold. Thus, changing your core philosophy is akin to changing your core programming. Once you change a foundation belief, all your other beliefs must be examined.

Most of us are raised within the blue pill sphere of influence, our mothers raise us to be good husbands, which is a synonym for female enablers. We are raised on “happily ever after” from the first fairy-tale we heard before bedtime, to the one we watched on Netflix yesterday. The blue pill fantasy is an intoxicating one, for every man there is a woman who is his perfect mate, and she will find him. This woman will ensure that his life is according to what he has been told is the greatest experience a man can have in this world, a loving, doting wife and children. He will never want for sex again, as his perfect mate will fulfill his fantasies, and he will fulfill hers.

The five stages of grief in many ways represent the journey that most men must travel before finally accepting the philosophy and being willing to make the substantial investment required to re-align their life with their desires. One has to put one’s old beliefs in a casket, and move on towards a new philosophy of life. Continue reading

The Lamentations of “Fun Single Girl” in the City

red-wineI had another post planned for today, however after seeing this article show up on my Twitter feed, I couldn’t help but comment on it. As it demonstrates many of the various concepts I use in my writing for most of the articles on this blog. Entitlement, solipsism, hypergamy, woman logic, it’s all there on full display for the world to see. The author outlines her thesis on why being a “fun single girl” ready to get off the carousel, is not fun anymore, because men are not lining up to buy her drinks, dinners and spend hours convincing her why she should choose him. In her own words:

If you’re a single woman, you probably envisioned your twenties as a roaring social scene full of expensive dinners and lavish nights out. You probably thought you’d have a boyfriend, or at least a few dates a week.

Which is woman speak for being in the most extreme case high demand, and limited supply, thus being able to command impressive prices for yourself, in the form of bartering expensive dinners and lavish nights out in exchange for your company. She belabors the situation a “fun, single girl” in the big city is now living in, where:

They’ll make eye contact with you in the bar, but never come over. They’ll get your number, but never call. They’ll offer to buy you a drink, but never pay.

They’ll say a girl is hot, but never hit on her. They’ll text you for a week, but never ask you out. They’ll do absolutely everything but make a move.

This is a great case to exhibit expectations and reality, where one markets and attempts to sell a product, get some nibblers bit nobody that really bites. One could question why this situation is without a doubt replaying itself in cities all across the Western world, as strings of fresh out of college women finally get to enter the amusement park, and find that they are unable to get on any rides.

Perhaps this is a sign of the times, that after 30+ years of “all men are bastards“, “boys are stupid throw rocks at them“, they are finally checking out. Alternatively, when the man reaches his mid-twenties, he’ll have spent half his life being medicated for being “disorderly” or “rambunctious” at school. Perhaps he attended University and thus was made to partake in a consent class where it was made clear to him that he needs consent to talk to a woman, and he’s just respecting her space. This is somewhat like the girl who had hitting on a woman in public being made hate crime, who then laments that men never hit on her on the street anymore. [2]

Continue reading

The Blue and Red Pill Theoretical Framework

red-pill-blue-pillWhen I first returned to the manosphere after about a decade absence about a year ago and started reading around, I was surprised at how much it had changed. When I left it back in the early 2000s, what is now themed the manosphere, was composed largely by pick-up material often times focused on club game, or the likes. So when I found the Red Pill reddit, the blogs listed off it and started reading its contents, I discovered that the nascent philosophy that more or less consisted of “Do A, then do B, and then profit” had grown much larger. Many of the early pick up artists had identified what worked, but didn’t focus so much on why it worked. Thus, the general teaching in the sphere was very much focused on the “learning by doing” method, which consisted of “learn these lines, then go do 500 approaches”. However, the development that had taken place over my 10 year absence, was much more focused on developing frameworks for understanding the fabric of reality, and the very metaphor of “The Red Pill” pointed to seeing the world from outside the simulation presented by social and cultural programming.

One of the first things I read was an article on seeing reality for what it actually is, for someone with a background in philosophy and research methodology, this points towards experiencing the mind-independent reality in which we live. An early post of mine on this blog was concerning the objective vs. the subjective trying to outline what the distinction is between facts and our interpretation of facts. Or in other words, mind-dependent and mind-independent information.

When designing research projects, the theoretical framework is a collection of source material that serves as the foundation of research. It contains relevant terms and their definitions, relevant theories with citations, explicit statements of theoretical assumptions, and the sources that assist you in making the argument for, and asking questions about your research. It is building a foundation from concepts in order to assist you in the creation of hypotheses and theories. Continue reading

Gendernomics: Book Value

dataRecently I came across some statistical tables from Our World in Data that outlined how the preferences for 18 traits had changed in women and men seeking a prospective partner from 1938 until 2008. This was an interesting data cache, because 70 years is only 2- 3 generations, and thus it is unlikely that any change in the underlying biological framework of our species would have changed in any meaningful way. However, our society and culture in the West has changed markedly. From 1938 until today, we have had World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, The Cold War, 2 Iraq wars, the war on terror, 6 – 7 serious stock market crashes, The War on Drugs and the War on Terror. We have seen the second and third waves of feminism, the rise of globalism, the entry of women into the workplace, the rise of easy divorce, and we have seen the anti-establishment hippies take over the establishment. Finally, the initial survey was done right at the end of the global depression (1938) and the second survey was done on the start of the 2008 financial crisis.

This means that it gives us insight into how people’s partner preferences have been changed throughout one of the more change prone periods in recent history. One marked especially by changes to the gender dynamics that had been dominant for most of written history. Continue reading