Red Pill Logic: Normal or Crazy

two-facesIt has previously been argued on this blog that women of a more mentally unstable nature, who often leave a cornucopia of destruction in their wake, are merely extreme versions of their less catastrophic sisters. In a previous essay on “The Methods of Female Madness“, this was summarized as “AWALT on steroids” as the less stable variant of woman manifest the same behaviors, just in a much greater volume and variety. For instance, all women issue congruence tests, the variant lacking in stability merely does so more frequently and at a more extreme level.

The danger in such overlaps between the normal and the abnormal is that a man, recently freed from his blue pill shackles may struggle with determining which variant he is facing, and thus which precautions are necessary. The recently red-pilled man who adopts self-improvement, himself as his mental point of origin, and builds solid boundaries may experience an increase in his success rate with women, however the new behaviors and principles are merely the early beginnings of a new mindset. The blue pill male still remains beneath the surface, ready to jump back out and take over at first opportunity. Change is difficult, remaining the same is easy. Thus, if such a man meets a woman of a more unstable archetype, his behavior may rapidly revert to his old patterns.

A common pattern to the relationships with a damaged woman is over-evaluation, devaluation and discard. This essay follows that same structure outlining the common behaviors of both the damaged and the normal woman, and their differences. As the behavior of a normal woman towards a masculine alpha male largely mimics the behavior of an unstable woman towards her prospective victim, being able to distinguish these from each other can drastically improve the odds of avoiding introducing drama into your life.

Normal Feminine Behavior and Love Bombing

It has long been an established axiom of the red pill sphere, that a feminine woman will seek to prove her worth to a masculine man through among others deferring to his judgment, providing acts of service and lavishing attention upon him. These are also the major stratagems of the unstable woman during what is known as the “love bombing phase“, wherein such a woman will seek to establish a special place for herself within the man’s mind, in effect making herself the center of his world.

Thus, the recently freed man who elects to adopt red pill teachings, must learn to discern the abnormal from the normal, in order to make reasoned judgments about the woman in front of him. The challenge he will often have to face, will be one constructed within the confines of his own mind, wherein he will desire to believe that his recent change in mindset, dedication of self-improvement and increasing sexual market value is the cause of the female behavior. This may often be a case of post-hoc ergo propter hoc, where he assumes that his recent change in approach is reflected back by her something, which is further compounded by confirmation bias wherein the man views her behavior as a validation of his recent choices, and thus this flatters his ego.

For the normal woman, this is a case of her attempting to prove herself to be worthy of his attention in the same manner a Beta male approaches his oneitis, whereas for the damaged woman she is treating the man at an inflated value. She is well aware of his actual value, however her treatment of him is that she would normally reserve for a man of much higher value. Most non-Alpha males are not used to being treated in this manner, and thus it is a persuasive strategy on her part in order to ensure that the relationship grows at a high rate.

Rapid Relationship Progression

The rapid relationship progression is in many ways a goal of much seduction material. The old wisdom in this area is that up until a man and a woman has sex, the woman holds more power than the man, and once a couple has sex the man holds more power than the woman. This is frequently summarized as “Women use sex to negotiate a relationship, men use a relationship to negotiate sex“. Thus, for the man in order to better his bargaining position a rapid escalation of a relationship to the physical is a requirement.

Such behavior is often reflected in the damaged woman as well, and her resume is often filled with relationships of varying lengths, but at extraordinary depth. The chief ability of such a woman is an ability to rapidly progress a relationship forward in depth and seriousness, often seeking to secure for herself matrimony or paternity. This is akin to the seduction technique of “venue bouncing” wherein a man transports a female between multiple secondary and tertiary locations in order to rapidly escalate familiarity and alter the female’s perception of time.

The damaged woman will seek to escalate a relationship rapidly to the physical, much sooner than even a highly competent seducer would be accustomed to, and then convincing him that the ease and speed of seduction comes from genuine emotion. In this moment seeking to pivot herself into a position of “The One“. This is not dissimilar to the behavior of more stable examples of womanhood, in that both seek to maximize the gain from a sexual liaison, the difference is in the remarkable competence and methodology the damaged woman will employ in order to secure such payouts.

Negs and Congruence Testing

Within the red pill theoretical framework, the neg is in many ways the swiss army knife of a seducer’s arsenal. It has many situations where its use serves to shift the balance of an interaction in favor of the seducer. The major function of the “neg” is to communicate control of self-, states and frame, and establishing dominance within the interaction. For the female congruence tests (commonly called “shit tests), exist to reveal the weaknesses in the mindset of a man, their purpose being to increase the stress of an interaction to see whether the man will be congruent with the image he projects and that she perceives, or whether he is engaging in dishonest signalling. One could say that the neg exists as a signal of mate value, and the congruence test exists in order to assist a female in determining if the signal is true or false.

The essay touched on the major difference between the dangerous woman and the normal woman in the introduction, it often being in how frequently congruence tests are issued by the female, furthermore their level. Negs exist in a spectrum from light to nuclear, as is the case for shit tests. A mild congruence test may be “I bet you say that to all the girls“, where a nuclear one may be throwing a tantrum in public to see how the male responds.

For a normal woman the amount of such tests a man will have to face depends on the stage of the relationship and the context of the interaction. A normal woman will frequently issue less and less tests as the relationship progresses, whereas the dangerous woman will issue more and more tests the longer the relationship lasts. This is due to the inherent different approach these women have to their relationships with men. The former seeks to eliminate unsuitable partners prior to any sexual interaction, the latter seeks to lure a man into large investments in a relationship early on, so that she can maintain her hold on him for as long as he is useful to her.

The degree of shit test also differs in that a normal woman will often follow a predictable pattern wherein her tests become less and less volatile over time, where the other type will eventually find herself in the position of issuing nuclear shit tests on a daily basis. This often takes place shortly before the discard phase. The congruence tests of a damaged woman serves the purpose of enabling the control and alteration of their mate as part of the devaluation stage.

Altering Their Mate

Once a woman recognizes that a man has made an investment in her, she always tries to leverage that investment into a better deal for herself. This is part of the reason why I often refer to women as the ultimate “bait and switch” artists. While a degree of misrepresentation is prevalent in both sexes during the mating process, it is more prevalent among the female. One could say that men misrepresent themselves prior to sex, and women misrepresent themselves after sex. Once the relationship is established, the normal and the damaged woman will both seek to alter the frame of the relationship, this may be as simple as the sexy lingerie disappearing, or as destructive as a drastic increase in performance burden for the man.

The change will often be dependent on the sexual strategy the woman employed in order to secure the relationship. If the woman elected a strategy that placed little demand on the man compromising his lifestyle, she will often start to increase her demands for him to compromise. This is a behavior common to all women, whereupon securing a relationship they slowly start working to change the man into what they think they desire.

The distinction between the damaged woman and the normal woman in this regard is not so much in their behavior, as all women have a tendency to seek to alter their mate during the course of a relationship, often to the detriment of the relationship. It is the catch 22 of womanhood that if a man permits a woman to sand off his rough edges, it will turn out that those edges were what she found attractive in the first place. This is often what “we grew apart” or similar turns of phrase mean, the man permitted the woman to get rid of those parts of him to which she was most attracted.

The Damaged Woman and Hypergamy

A man who learns the teachings of the red pill gains an in-depth understanding of how female hypergamy works, in that the female sexual strategy is to secure the most male value for her female equity something that often manifests as AF/BB. The most often cited example of this is the phenomena known as “branch-swinging” wherein a woman eliminates her present relationship rapidly and with perceived little warning or cause, in order to enter a new relationship with a male of higher value. This mimics the discard phase of a relationship with the unstable woman.

Any woman will seek to have a string of orbiters surrounding her, this being men whom she has relegated to the bench, as they do not at present represent choices that would maximize equity according to hypergamy. The often cited example of this is the “friend-zone” wherein a man is expected to act out a role wherein he performs a mixture of duties normally performed by a girlfriend and a boyfriend. He will be her “platonic escort” if she happens to be between boyfriends when called upon to attend a social event that requires an escort, and the shoulder to cry on when she is rejected.

The same is the case for the damaged woman, however in her case her stable of orbiters tend to be a veritable rogues gallery of exes, narcissistic supply, useful idiots and pawns for her games, the key being that each member serves a role within her machinations. Quite the common game is to utilize these pieces in order to push the unsuspecting man into a relationship through the exploitation of his inherent bias, for instance being seen hanging around with her ex, in the middle of the love bombing phase, may lead her new target to expedite their relationship in order to secure his place. Should the man wise up to what she is doing she may launch an attack using her pawns to attempt to influence the man.

Drain and Discard

The goals of a normal woman and a dangerous women do to some extent overlap. One could argue that once a woman reaches her epiphany phase her ideal mate type is altered towards one that will secure her long term security and status through provision, rather than one that offers excitement. This represents the two distinct phases of a woman’s reproductive referred to in red pill theory as “Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks”. This desire for security also serves as one of the reasons why a woman will keep a stable of alternates in her sphere of influence in case her present relationship ends.

The discard phase as it is referred to in the literature, represents the moment when the dangerous woman has destroyed her target in the ways she desires. This may represent financial, psychological, social or any other form of destruction that appeals to her. At this point, the target will be discarded and the woman will move on to greener pastures. This is not overly different from how the normal woman branch swings, the difference is the state that the target is left in once he is discarded. These men represent many new converts to the red pill, as their treatment at the hands of their now ex, represents such a departure from their blue pill view of women that they cannot consolidate the two.

Should the man realize what is taking place and decide to act before she is ready to discard him, he can expect to re-experience the love-bombing stage as the damaged woman attempts to take back control. One must realize that most of the behaviors outlined in this essay are methods to take control, and the man leaving the relationship prior to the discard, signifies the woman losing control. Thus, her desire is to regain control so that she may finish the script.

Summary and Conclusions

Being able to coldly and rationally ascertain which type of female is sharing your bed is a critical factor for red pill men, both those who are new to the mindset and those who are veterans. For the newbies who may be veterans of unhealthy relationships and a lack of sexual market success, the enticement of the “over-valuation” stage, often serves as a validation of their efforts and the strides they have made forward. After all, the treatment that they are now receiving from the woman is that normally reserved for rare Alpha males, not his hapless old beta self. For the veteran, his expectation of such treatment from experience may blind him to the subtle differences that he is now facing.

According to the American Psychological Association 21.8% of women can be diagnosed with a mental illness within a 12 month period, and one must in this case assume that an additional group could either relapse or are just beneath the diagnostic threshold. This is not to draw attention away from behaviors and onto probabilities, but it is important to note that the probability that a man in the dating market will eventually run into one or more of these women is high. Considering their penchant for destruction, being able to ascertain which type of woman one is dealing with and acting accordingly is paramount to avoid the drama that often follows in their wake.

The catch 22 of man is that he can employ his rational mind to pull back the curtain and force nature to reveal her magic, yet also to close the curtain and reject reality.

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  1. John Tillmann says:

    Great information for all men to adhere to. When a man understands the true nature of women, he can flip the script on them to his ultimate advantage.


  2. Holly says:

    Mr. Carl,

    Apologize for rant. Thank you for being a gentleman.

    An article straight to the heart of the matter.

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