Red Pill Analogies: Part 1

Some of these first originated in my Twitter feed (@blacklabellogic) where I tend to drop them fairly regularly, and some I haven’t shared before on that platform for various reasons.

1. Sleeping with women you work with is like putting a TV in your gym, it distracts from why you are there, and impedes your progress.

2. Relationships are like a weed habit, you become complacent and get nothing done.

3. Crazy women are like cocaine habits, expensive as fuck, and it always ends badly.

4. Dating is like BBQ, if it heats up too fast, it always ends with something being on fire.

5. Crazy women are like the CIA, you think everything is cool until you realize she went through all your stuff, and cut the brakes on your car.

6. Having a blue pilled dating coach/relationship adviser is like having a naïve and trusting lawyer.

7. In the present legal climate letting a woman be responsible for birth control is like letting the state do your taxes.

8. A woman attempting to get you to have unprotected sex after the break-up is like trying to get you to burn the prenup prior to filing.

9. Having unprotected sex with a woman after the break-up is like putting all your cash in the bank prior to filing for divorce.

10. Self-deprecation to get people to like you is like doubling down on communism because you want to get rich.

11. Moral arguments are like Geometry class, you try angles, end up going in circles, but inevitably get stuck in a square.

12. Excuses are like shots of scotch, everyone has a few, some have too many, but truth is if you have too many, you won’t get shit done.

13. A woman treats her sexual history as an intelligence operative does his resume, it’s classified, if they told you they have to kill you.

14. A woman is a lot like a corporation, regardless of how shady, they always spin it as if doing a public virtuous service.

15. Game can be duct tape or a solid strategy. It either holds a bad product together, or drives a solid product to new levels of success.

16. Talking about game with a woman on a date, is like telling a guy how much you’re fucking him over in a contract before he signs it.

17. Being red pilled is like weight lifting, if you stop you inevitably backslide into a weaker version of yourself.

18. Equality defined by politicians is like “fair and equitable settlement” as defined by a pissed off ex-wife.

19. Having a long-distance relationship is like having a business where you think about getting money.

20. A man looks at a woman and sees her perfection in-spite of her flaws, a woman looks at a man and sees his flaws despite his perfection.

21. Marriage for men in 2017, is like an unpaid internship where if the employer is unhappy with the work performed, they can sue for damages.

22. A pre-wall woman’s actions in the sexual market place is like a cat chasing a laser-pointer.

23. Make-up, spanx and instagram filters are to women as fake ATM receipts, rented cars, and escorts as to men.

25. A man in the sexual market place is like a stable growth company, his value will increase from nothing during his lifetime.

26. A woman in the sexual market place is like a stock during the tech bubble, starting off massively overvalued, then rapidly diminishing in value when investors realize there is nothing more to it than a flashy powerpoint presentation.

27. A man with no male friends is like a general without an army.

28. A woman with no female friends is like an investment advisor without an office.

29. Social media adoration is to the female psyche as accounting fraud is to securities valuations.

30. A man’s view of the world is like a navigators view of the ocean, the more flaws there are, the more off course he gets.

31. A blue pill man in the sexual market place, is like an unarmed bear hunter wrapped in bacon.

32. For a man contacting an ex after a breakup, is like going back to the car salesman you told to fuck off and trying to get a better deal on the car.

33. For a woman contacting an ex after a breakup is like asking the guy you robbed to hold your wallet.

34. For a man dating multiple women is insurance that he won’t fall in love with the wrong woman.

35. For a woman dating multiple men is insurance that when she finds herself pregnant and pulls an “it’s yours” at least one of them is dumb enough to take her at her word.

36. A 20 year old woman in the sexual market place is like a brand new iPhone, a 40 year old woman in the sexual market place is like a 40 year old Nokia.

37. Dating a borderline woman is like buying a Samsung Note 7, inevitably it’ll end up blowing up in your face.

38. Dating crazy women is a lot like cheat meals, you can handle one, once in a while, but if it’s a daily occurrence you get no progress at all.

39. Women’s dating preference is like their preference in pets, cats are aloof, impossible to train and will eat your face to survive.

40. Men’s dating preferences is like their preference in pets, dogs are loyal, can be trained with a stern hand, and will guard your grave after you die.

41. Crazy women are like Kinder surprise, a soft, sweet outer shell, followed by a hard inner shell that can lead to death, and there is no telling what kind of crazy broken down toy is within the inner shell.

42. Going to marriage counseling is like attempting to work out a broken engine by talking to your car.

43. Women are like convicts in that the more religious they become the worse was their action prior to converting.

44. Dating a single mother is like inheriting a broken mansion with a lien on it.

45.  Red pillers are Neo, Purple Pillers are Cypher and Blue pillers are Agent Smith.

46. Being on a bad date is like being in the Matrix, in that you are just waiting for that one phone so you can get out.

47. Marrying a former party girl is like buying a car off Gary Busey, you know it’s been driven hard, and has some damage on it.

48. Your mother-in-law is what your wife will become, your father-in-law what you will become.

49. Approaching relationships like a blue-pill man is like approaching the tax collector as someone who just wants to help you.

50. Being honest in a relationship is like being honest during a police interrogation.

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4 comments on “Red Pill Analogies: Part 1

  1. Holly says:

    Mr. Carl,

    While I was enjoying your 1-50 items of wisdom, it made me think of a few from my very alpha father- in-law when he ran his own business in years past.

    Someone would ask how he was doing and would respond,” I am so high, I have touched the right cheek of St. Peter.”


    “I’m doing so good, I can’t stand myself.”

    Or like the Scotch saying. “Excuses are like *ssholes. Everyone has one.”

    When my husband was frustrated with someone at work and share with me he had about enough of them. He would tell me, “*uck them and feed them fish heads.”

    He is GREAT at throwing out one liners!!


  2. Teloc says:

    Just don’t close your eyes to reality.
    Women will bring you down.. they do it since the beginning.
    Use them for pleasure.. but don’t let them sneak into your life.. never!


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