The Mark Baxter Podcast

I recently made my second appearance on the Mark Baxter Podcast, Mark is a great host, who has an ability to bring out the best in his guest and inspires new ideas. He also has an uncanny ability to converse with virtually anyone, and since starting his podcast he’s lined up a veritable who’s who of high profile manosphere figures.

This episode was very interesting to me, as it was a joint episode with Rollo Tomassi, the man who is probably cited more than any other on this blog, the author of and the books by the same name. The Godfather of the red pill, and the man who’s sexual market value curve was the foundation for the first ever post I wrote for Gendernomics. Rollo has written many great posts, but my favorite posts are “Betas in Waiting” and “Saving the Best“, two posts that I consider crucial for the destruction of what remains of the blue pill illusion.

The podcast has a feeling very similar to that of just hanging out, discussing ideas and thoughts with friends over drinks, despite the heavy topics that are regularly covered.


For those of you who didn’t catch my first discussion with Mark on his Podcast, you can find it here


2 comments on “The Mark Baxter Podcast

  1. urnext says:

    I think there are at least two possible causes the correlation between physical attractiveness and status exists.

    1) Physical attributes that are attractive to women – square jaw, v-taper, decent musculature, etc – are also indicators of high testosterone. Testosterone is a good predictor of social status, and, if combined with intelligence, wealth.

    2) Wealthy men, if pressured into commitment by the tribe, tend to pick the most attractive women. Beautiful women produce beautiful children, or at least have a relatively higher chance of such. If these children are intelligent and raised well, they can either maintain their inherited high status or increase it. In turn, their wealth provides them a wide pool of brides to choose from. Repeat until physical attractiveness becomes a good predictor of wealth in and of itself.

    Now, the second argument assumes that no other social limitations are present (such as political marriage, forced commitment to every woman you fuck etc), however rich men have easier time of circumventing or avoiding them by virtue of, well, being rich.


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