99 Problems and Soy is Every One

Memes are an interesting fairly new phenomenon in their current state. The original definition comes from biology and is defined as “an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means“, however with the advent of social media, they have taken a similar form to heuristics, to communicate something which is known within a group through a humorous graphic of some kind.

In the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of the soy meme, however I’ve grown quite fond of it in the same way I like the constructs of “Alpha“, “Beta” and many others we use within the manosphere. I looked up the definition of the term soy on urban dictionary and it was defined as:

state in which one is emotionally vulnerable, and/or is being overly sensitive. [1]

However, must like the definition of hypergamy in the mainstream is more or less “marrying up“, the definition is not extensive and inclusive enough. Marrying up is a consequence of hypergamy, not what it is, in the same way that being overly sensitive and/or emotionally vulnerable is a consequence of being soy, not exactly what the construct entails.

The meme to my knowledge, comes from the fact that soy products, including tofu and soy milk contain daidzein and genistein two chemicals that act so similar to estrogen that they are referred to as phytoestrogens. In a man, these can have the same effect as taking estrogen, even at a low-level of consumption. Some of the symptoms of high estrogen in men include:

High estrogen levels in men contribute to prostate cancer and heart disease as well as gynecomastia ( enlarged breasts).As the testosterone is transformed into estrogen the low levels of testosterone can cause many unpleasant symptoms including loss of muscle mass, fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, excessive estrogen in men raises body fat and can contribute to diabetes and high lipids. [3]

While physical weakness is often a core characteristic in men that are deemed to be “soy” in the manosphere, a much more common implication refers to their psychology, mindset, frame and inner world functioning more like that of women, and thus their actions and behaviors are more like those of women than of men.


I think it’s best to start with the psychology of “soy” from the perspective using the big 5/OCEAN personality metric. I used this in a couple of earlier essays, because it is a useful metric to compare and contrast personality from the perspective of intersexual dynamics. For instance, men are generally more dominant and disagreeable, while women are more neurotic and agreeable. Thus, in men, we can see that Dark Triad traits have a positive correlation with mating, in that men who are narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic have on average more sexual partners than men who are

To give a quick rundown on the gender differences on the Five Factor test [6]:

Agreeableness: This trait consists of among others, tendency towards cooperation, maintaining social harmony and considering the concerns of others. Tender-mindedness, altruism, empathy and kindness are also part of this factor. Women consistently score higher than men on agreeableness, meaning that men are on average more disagreeable than women. Meaning, more competitive, less concerned with maintaining social harmony, and more inclined towards being exploitative of others.

Neuroticism: This refers to the tendency to experience negative emotion and related processes in response to punishment and threats. The only facet of neuroticism where women do not consistently score higher than men is anger, while they consistently score higher than men on anxiety, depression, self-consciousness and emotional lability.

Conscientiousness: This refers to traits related to self-discipline, organization, and impulse control. Women score somewhat higher than men on some facets of conscientiousness, such as orderliness, dutifulness and self-discipline, but no consistent gender difference has been found.

Extraversion: This trait reflects sociability, assertiveness, and positive emotionality. For this trait, few gender differences have been found on the top level, however, on the underlying factors for the trait, women tend to score higher for gregariousness, warmth and positive emotions. Men score higher than women on assertiveness and excitement seeking.

Openness/Intellect: The trait  reflects imagination, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and appreciation of esthetic experiences. On the factor level, there are few sex differences here, however on the facet level, women tend to score higher on esthetics and feelings, men tend to score higher on ideas.

In defining soy-chology, one can therefore conclude that they would demonstrate traits that are more correlated with the female scores on the Big 5, meaning that they are neurotic, agreeable, gregarious and warm, open to esthetics and feelings. How would this manifest in behavior? A man who is agreeable, submissive, emotionally open, lacks confidence, is prone to depression and anxiety, risk avoidant, a bit emotionally unstable and incapable of dominance. Based on the effects of estrogen in men, one would also expect low muscle mass, reduced libido and increased body fat.

Following The Money

A very basic premise that I’ve covered before and which is supported by data is that women rate 80% of men as below averagely attractive, where men rate women along a bell-curve. The major conclusion that came out of the essays I wrote based on Dataclysm and OkCupid data, is that men compete with each other for maximal sexual revenue, where women compete with each other to achieve maximal sexual profit. Meaning that men seek quantity and women seek out quality.

However, if one starts from the data that women rate 80% of men as below average, which if reduced to a binary scale would mean that the top 80% of women are competing for the attention of the top 20% of men, while the bottom 80% of men are competing for the affections of the bottom 20% of women. Something which is supported by the data from OKcupid.

The bottom 80% of men, if unable to compete in the traditional avenues of competence, dominance, assertiveness, frame control, and social value, how can they compete? The “Sneaky Fucker” strategy is a classic, which is when an effeminate, and non-threatening male sleeps with all his female friends.

Identifying with the feminine is another popular strategy, where a male may befriend a woman or multiple women and attempts to get laid through covert contracts. They often justify their manipulations in “The end justifies the means” in that they are engaging in extensive manipulation in order to realize an outcome beneficial to the woman.

Creating niches is another popular strategy. The sexual market place is split into many different markets and industries, where value differs slightly within each one. A woman who is an 8 by appearance in a small mid-western town may be a 5 or 6 in L.A, Vegas or Miami. A man who is a 9 within one subculture or group, may be a 6 or 7 in another subculture or group due to differing preferences. For instance, within the “Gamer” sub-culture, the top performing men are highly sought after by the women within the sub-culture despite often being of much lower sexual market value in “the wild“.

I referenced Charlie Manson in a recent essay, now Charlie was 5 ft 2 inches, weighed about 100 lbs, and does not really tick any of the “Alpha male who has a harem of 5  – 10 women fighting for his attention and doing his bidding” boxes. Yet, through his ability to draw people into his frame, he was able to create for himself a niche sexual market place where he was indeed the alpha.

This is a general strategy that has been fielded throughout history, men who are unable to compete with or usurp the leaders within a domain, create their own domain where they can become leaders. Alternatively, as Manson did they can infiltrate an existing movement, and co-opt it towards their own ends. Jim Jones is a prime example of the latter, a man who began his rise to cult-leader as a Methodist minister, and then slowly stripped away many of the religious teachings in favor of his own doctrine.

Summary and Conclusions

I like observation over asking questions for the reason that we are all trained from childhood to filter ourselves and to think before we speak. As we progress through the educational system and transition to corporate existence, this ability is often encouraged and further developed to the point where one can do a 45 minute presentation and not really say anything. This is why children, often to the abject horror of their parents often say things that are true, yet highly inappropriate in the context and why the term “In vino veritas” was invented, a man under the influence is more likely to speak those thoughts that they would not speak while sober.

When we observe children, adolescents and teenagers interact, we can see distinct behavioral patterns within them that continue throughout life, they merely become more refined with practice. Anyone who has spent time in a majority female workplace knows that it has a tendency to turn into “Mean Girls: Corporate Edition” [9], and anyone who has spent a lot of time in a majority male workplace (ideally 100% male), knows that it often takes on a very locker room or frat house vibe.

These are natural behavior patterns based on innate preferences for behavior, communication and environment that continue throughout life, we just become more adept at concealing them.

The reason why the soy meme caught on within the manosphere, is that it perfectly encapsulates a type of man that most of us are familiar with. A man who rejects masculinity, often on both a psychological and physical level, and instead attempts to realize the male reproductive strategy through differentiating himself as “Not like those other bastards who just want you for your body” or “I’m a nice guy who submits to your frame“.

Soy“, which is sold as a healthy alternative to animal protein, but that appears to have many negative hormonal effects on men, perfectly encapsulates the adoption of a feminine-first mindset and rejection of the male tendency towards physicality and competition. Soy does have negative physical effects on men, and the “Soy boy” meme is simply the logical extension of “non-masculine physiology leads to a non-masculine psychology”.

In essence, the man attempts to transform himself from battering ram to Trojan horse, in the process adopting female perspectives, frames and approaches to life. Instead of being direct they are indirect, instead of being overt they are covert, instead of stating they hint, and instead of demanding they ask. In their monumental effort to not be those “mean guys“, they transform themselves into Mean Girls.

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8 comments on “99 Problems and Soy is Every One

  1. Rebel Yells says:

    This is why I love coming back to this website. I always learn something new and interesting here. I have never heard of this Sneaky Fucker strategy. Well, one Google search and low and behold, you are correct, as always. Attributed to evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith, no less. There is even a Crazy Bastard strategy which I think I fall under!

    Thank you for sharing the dangers of soy with your readers as the American male public is largely in the dark about this sort of thing. I avoid all soy, beer, and even black licorice among other things as it creates great chaos with men’s hormonal balance. Combine that with all the plastics and chemicals and it is no wonder so many guys are going transgender these days. They are half way there already from the typical American diet.

    I have been to Japan on several occasions and it is a well known fact there that Japanese women like to prepare Tofu for their mates if their men are suspected of being unfaithful. The tofu is known to reduce this sort of behavior appreciably and get their men in line with the feminine!

    Thanks but no thanks! I’ll pass on that helping of tofu!


    • Soy is definitely something you should be avoiding in your diet. However, much more dangerous is allowing your mind to become weak, the mind drives the body, the body drives the mind, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


  2. “Thus, in men, we can see that Dark Triad traits have a positive correlation with mating, in that men who are narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic have on average more sexual partners than men who are”
    I could guess the meaning but the sentence is incomplete.


  3. […] I tend to prefer the Aristotelian description of virtue as a mean between two traits, for instance courage and foolhardiness. Meaning that a man should attempt to be both confident and humble, narcissistic grandiosity is no more a good trait than excessive meekness. […]


  4. creativity solution


  5. Great piece of writing man.

    > However, if one starts from the data that women rate 80% of men as below average, which if reduced to a binary scale would mean that the top 80% of women are competing for the attention of the top 20% of men, while the bottom 80% of men are competing for the affections of the bottom 20% of women. Something which is supported by the data from OKcupid.

    I would weigh in here, as the “who is fuckable” is one of my favorite topics.

    > while the bottom 80% of men are competing for the affections of the bottom 20% of women.

    I think the “bottom 80%” is a range of men worth understanding… it is most men, after all. But I do NOT believe they are after the “bottom 20% of women.” There is something wrong with that math for me.

    By my calculations and view of the SMP:
    — 80% of women can fuck (maybe closer to 65%?)
    — 20% of men can fuck (maybe closer to 35%?)

    The rest, simply are “un sexworthy.”

    Krauser has an OMEGA/BETA/ALPHA model, and I like it. I’d build on that.

    I would guess that the bottom 50% of men, have sex a few of times in their lifetime (or strictly pay for it), and much less as they age. The next 20%, a bit more… and couple up as fast as possible, as they cling to what they can find in the scarcity. Then… 20% “higher end BF types” have limited, but reasonable access (but still mostly couple up or struggle). At the top… the CHADs.

    I don’t think anyone wants to fuck that bottom 20-35% of women. The bottom 50% of men lack the interest and the skill to even get with them. It’s a sea of revulsion… no one is motivated.

    And most of life is sexless for men… dues to low skill/potential… and women’s focus on “profit.”

    Most men can be sexless (overall and on any given day), because “higher end BF” types and Chad can fuck all the best women, regularly enough that those women won’t dip down below that 50%… not ever… and rarely before the 70% line.


    • Torero says:

      Hey Nash..

      You’re Krauser’s fan but you frequently diss Rollo.
      But you know in fact that Krauser are “still” backing up Rollo since from the beginning.
      I’m just wonderig why?


      • [First off, full respect to BLL. If you don’t want this comment here, pls cut it. I would certainly understand. We are off topic here.]

        Why don’t I agree with everything Krauser says? Because (while having deep respect for that man), I can think for myself. I follow him extensively, as he points to the TRUTH. And as Seneca says, “Whatever is true belongs to me.”

        I like the reference to Krauser, actually. Like the other guy you mention… Krauser can also be “harsh” in some ways. But who do you think enjoys women more? If you studied both men, who do you think would lead you to enjoy both women and the process more?

        Krauser has talked about “cheerful misogyny.” Harsh, but even then… a lightness. Krauser is no pussy, women do not step on that man… but he genuinely enjoys women (even if that isn’t his greatest emphasis).

        And that is exactly my point. You can take the red pill (=”see clearly”), have great boundaries, rule your Kingdom, but also move forward with joy in terms of your outlook and the pursuit of women.

        (More than that.. I think if you are fundamentally SOUR, you are unlikely to find any success in seduction… or relationships with women. Or “healthy” men for that matter.)

        Krauser is deeply action oriented. He gets what he wants. He is not trapped in an endless state of paranoid, reactive defense. So… I would follow Krauser’s leadership. That other guy… not so much.


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