Of Reason and Red Pill Women

An interesting digression on Red Man Group in the past few weeks was the discussion the role of women in the red pill sphere. I’ve somewhat taken a “I don’t care that much” position on the topic, however we do have some data-points on what happens when women enter male spaces. At first their desire is just to be included in the dialogue and to contribute, then they start slowly changing the space to become more “female friendly“, which generally means less directness, more speech and behavior policing. The next step is to slowly convert the space from being goal-directed and focused on the task, into a niche sexual market place where they can take a leading position and make it about what women need. We saw a very clear example of this in gaming, where it went from “We just want to play too“, that became “Stop being mean to people who aren’t good at the game“, to “Be less competitive” to “Stop designing all games for men“.

The trouble with women entering male spaces is that it’s impossible for women to not make the space about their perceptions, needs and desires. Any man who has ever had a woman move into his place is aware of this process. It starts with a toothbrush, then a drawer in the dresser, then suddenly there are pillows everywhere, the color scheme is filled with soft pastels, the beer signs are in the garage along with your favorite chair, and you’re not sure where 50 – 80% of your stuff went, and where the stuff that is in your house now came from. What used to be your castle, a place built around your needs, wants and desires, a place to retire when you just wanted to be you for a while, is now…. something else, it has become a feminine space.

The Red Pill is about helping men be better men so that they can be empowered to live the life they desire for themselves. not for other people. This is where the red pill is distinct from other groups that operate in adjacent spaces, to The Red Pill making better men and men who are able to live fulfilling lives on their own terms and according to their own aspirations is an end in itself. The “Trad-con“-sphere utilize many red pill methods to build better men, but their primary goal isn’t to enable men to live the lives they desire, it is to build a tribe for themselves of like-minded men to maintain western civilization and the sanctity of monogamous marriage. Jordan B. Peterson for all his great ideas, isn’t about the men he tells to clean up their rooms and stand up straight, he is about ensuring that they become good husbands and fathers that will maintain order by raising the next generation and thus serve as barriers to chaos.

A Voice For Men and The Good Man project are not about creating better men, in the case of the latter they are about creating better plow-horses, in the case of the former, they are about ensuring that the plow horses are fed, get to see a vet once in a while and can stay in the stable when it rains. The Red Pill doesn’t care if you just want to give your dead bedroom marriage CPR or whether you want to lay more pipe across pristine Eastern European territories than Gazprom, that part is up to you.

Now, I think women can serve a purpose in the red pill, some are great case studies for the concepts of hypergamy, solipsism, the timeline of female sexual market value and many other things. Women who are able to maintain long-term relationships with high value males can serve as examples to other women of what is required to do so. Some women make great cautionary tales for younger women, about what happens when you fall victim to the grass-is-greener fallacy. However, we must always be mindful of the simple fact that for women a man will always be a means to her end, not an end in himself.

Of Female Contributors

I find it interesting that some men staunchly support the inclusion of women as contributors to the red pill, and the red pill knowledge base, because to me this is a clear sign that such men have neglected one core maxim and one core concept on which the theory rests. Game was founded on the simple observation that men have been sold a map to happiness and self-actualization filled with errors, furthermore that the only way that they could change their lot in life was to burn the map and continue on without it. To explore the world through their own eyes, without the rose-colored glasses they had been fitted with as children and by burning the scripts they have been given. This is known in the short version as “Don’t listen to what she says, watch what she does“.

This is why many of our fundamental maxims and principles are about such things as putting yourself first, having solid boundaries, frame control, and rejecting the comfortable lies for the uncomfortable truths.

Don’t listen to what she says, watch what she does.

This was a discovery made by early pick-up artists. The male deductive problem-solving firmware made an observation that when they listened to what women said, and did what women told them to do, they weren’t very successful with women. However, when they observed in the wild what men who were successful with women did, it was often very different from what the women said to do. Most men are raised to utilize classic “Beta game”, which consists of being polite, agreeable, attentive, complimentary, stable, dependable, generous, listening, humble and to focus on her needs.

This is the opposite of what what tends to work, which is being a bit rude, disagreeable, aloof, stingy with compliments, unpredictable, under-investing, distant, narcissistic and egotistical. This is supported by the correlation between levels of narcissism in men and notch count. Of course, there are those who would argue that using notch count as a metric for success in the sexual market place is an error, and that one should use another metric such as successful long-term relationships. However, this is a bit like saying one should judge financial success not on accumulated wealth over time, but on the stability of one’s paycheck.

We jokingly refer to what women say they require of a man in order for him to gain access to intimacy as the 487 bullet-point list, that includes things like humor, good income, listens to her, wants a family, is ready to settle down, wants an equal partner, is sensitive, and emotionally available and so on. These are the descriptors of a classical beta men, and the lists exist as a shit-test. Women want men who “just get it“, offering men a playbook for how to be a guy “who just gets it” would make female mate-classification, and thus hypergamous filtering much more difficult. This is why most women hate game, because it’s a method to by-pass their built-in hypergamous filtering. If we’re fair, many of the early PUA Gurus who helped devise the system through practical field experimentation never stopped being Beta men, but they adopted a behavioral schema that allowed them to slip a lot of shots past the goalie.

This is often why when women admit that game works it comes with the caveat of “Ok, this is correct, the jig is up, now you have to apply game to benefit us and give us the beta with a side of alpha“. The Beta with a side of alpha, is the themepark version of being with an alpha male, a man who allows her a life as an alpha male’s mate, but without the performance requirements, submission, deference, demands and risk. Women will always put their needs first, and their mental firmware is one that acts on the instinctual and emotional then post-hoc rationalizes the action. This is how the same woman who proclaims traditional family values, a dedication to God and Country and states that she would love nothing more than to be a wife and stay at home mother caring for her family can sneak cads into her house 10 minutes after attending a church service without being aware of her own contradictory nature.


Perhaps the most important factor that affects female contributions solipsism. I think this is perhaps one of the least understood concepts in red pill theory. The definition of philosophical solipsism that only one’s own mind can be sure to exist. As an epistemological position, it posits that knowledge of anything outside your own mind is unsure. You cannot know that other minds and in fact the external world exists. However, when we refer to female solipsism, it is often in reference to the female inherent proclivity to being highly self-referential. I tweeted something akin to “A man judges and learns about himself by seeing and experiencing the impact he has on the world, a woman judges and learns about herself by seeing and experiencing the impact the world has on her

This is not to say that women in their entirety lack the ability to interact with the world as independent of their own mind, if that was the case we would have no female programmers, engineers or physicists, as the goal of sciences is to establish reality as independent of the observer. The scientific method exists for this specific purpose, to reduce and ideally negate the influence that the person conducting the observation could have on that which is being observed. It is more to state that in certain contexts, mainly those that involves sexual strategy and intersexual dynamics, women are incapable of knowing fact from fiction from behavior.

Hence how the same women can lavish praise at a cad or playboy one minute, and then tell men that they shouldn’t be cads or playboys, but dependable, loyal, masculine (as she defines it) family men the next. Women follow the script of hypergamy, bang Chad now, prepare Billy for later. There is a reason why 30 days of dread is more effective at fixing a dead bedroom situation than 2 years of marriage counseling.

“Women’s mental point of origin (solipsism) presumes the entire world outside of her agrees with her imperative and mutually shares the importance and priorities of it.” Rational Male – Solipsism II [1]

A woman presumes that a man must better himself for her, in the manner she views as most beneficial in order to best fulfill her needs based on how she has classified him. However this is not a constant state, it’s a dual state, a woman wants both Chad and Billy, the former for breeding stock, the latter for a plow horse. Ideally, she would want them to be the same man, but they cannot be because for him to be both would require him to be a man with multiple personality disorder. Female solipsism is on the most extreme display in women with borderline personality disorder for whom their internal reality is viewed as an accurate representation of reality and all external input is parsed to reflect her internal view of the world.

Summary and Conclusions

To re-iterate my position on women in the red pill, I think the two major aspects that have to be considered are the effect women have on a male space, and how the entry of women into male spaces always transform these spaces from male-primary focused spaces to female-primary focused spaces. Secondly, what added-value do having women included in the space bring to the space? I believe in the red pill as a space by men, for men where the purpose is to help, support and provide men with the knowledge they need, feedback from other men at different points in their journey, to hold them accountable and to share different perspectives on how to become the man one must be to live the life one desires.

I think that inevitably when women are included in a space, the purpose of that space, regardless of what it is, gets subverted to cater to a female primary perspective, and female needs. One does not have to go far to point this out if one analyzes the women who tend to have ambitions about entering the red pill space. One of the things I’ve noticed about these women is that they all tend to follow a certain predictable demographic, age 20 – 45, generally to the right on the political spectrum, churchgoers, proclaim an appreciation for traditional gender roles and have stay-at-home mom aspirations. Men should be masculine, strong, gentlemanly and appreciative of her femininity, the women should be feminine, nurturing, courteous, and appreciative of masculinity (as they define it at that moment). This fits very well with the “tradcon” demographic that is growing within the red pill, for good reason, on the surface if you do not probe in depth they have a lot of things in common, mainly family, God, country and tradition as their cornerstone values.

This group of men  as described in an earlier essay is willing to accept the red pill only insofar that serves as a means to an end to support their utopian vision of traditional monogamous marriage. The women on the other hand are merely fulfilling the hypergamic ideal of building better beta men for when they are ready to step out of the carnival and into comfort. Play with these women at your own risk, but don’t be surprised when the nice, submissive, traditional girl you thought you landed, isn’t really submissive but a person who constantly bottom-tops.

Now, guys, if you need female input on how to be masculine, or female approval of your masculinity, you haven’t killed the Beta. Secondly, how can you reconcile the maxim “Don’t listen to what she says, watch what she does” and the concept of female solipsism, yet still value the female perspective on intersexual dynamics? I don’t make it a habit to curse in my essays (I reserve it for my twitter feed) but gentlemen, you found the red pill because you are fucking addicted to approval and validation in general and female approval and validation in particular. This is the root cause of your problems with women, people do not respect or admire those they can push around, easily manipulate and have wrapped around their little finger, as long as you remain addicted to their approval and validation you are their slave. You can dress to the nines, be 240 at 10% body fat, 6^4 (six-pack, six-feet+, six-figure income and six-inches+) and it still won’t make your life much better if all you did was to change from wanting the approval and validation of all girls in general, to women who proclaim to share your values in particular.

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[1] https://therationalmale.com/2015/09/09/solipsism-ii/

7 comments on “Of Reason and Red Pill Women

  1. Pham says:

    “Play with these (‘Red Pill Women’) women at your own risk, but don’t be surprised when the nice, submissive, traditional girl you thought you landed, isn’t really submissive but a person who constantly bottom-tops.” – exactly, unless her SMV is significantly lower than his, she will try and flip the script and attempt to top from the bottom. If he holds frame, she will increase frequency and amplitude of her shit tests and eventually tag in orbiting billys, and opportunistic Chads.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello BLL, I’m setting up a website that provides all the best self-improvement content in one place

    It’s located at http://strongmanhub.com (still setting it up, so don’t share the link)

    I want to add you to the site, do I have your consent?

    If yes, just email me or DM at @LifeMathMoney


  3. Veneno1 says:

    The thing about red pill awareness is noticing solipsism, hypergamy and dissociation in relatives. How to this day my own mother’s advice is building me into a super beta. The most painful part being incongruent with myself everytime I failed a shit test I feel it with immediacy because I now notice it my responses are automated and fighting this “blue evil” is hard. I may never allow a female in my frame because I enjoy it too much.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “but gentlemen, you found the red pill because you are fucking addicted to approval and validation in general and female approval and validation in particular. This is the root cause of your problems with women”

    Never a truer word was said.

    I found, around women I began to hate myself. All the little compromises. Her silly, inappropriate questions (shit tests) and my inability to tell her to shut her cakehole made the whole enterprise demoralising.
    Even the thought of intercourse (verbal or otherwise!) isn’t enough to make me want to debase myself in that fashion again.

    I’ve lost that spark I once had for being in women’s company. Redpill awareness will do that every time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The traditional conservatives are a stupid bunch. They want to turn the clock back without a thought of why it moves forward. In the time the traditional conservatives would like to go back to, men were stuck in loveless marriages. Women were at home looking after the children and doing domestic chores. Women in general felt their lives were unfulfilled. A woman of today who states she wants to go back to that is lying. What’s worse is if she contemplating convincing a man of this, she has problems so vast (children and\or financial difficulty) she simply wants a man of means to come in and pick up the tab. The fact she’s not willing to use other channels (nightclub, pub, Tinder, Match dot com etc) is a sign she’s looking for a particular type of man.
    A man who can be manipulated by the idea of her. A virtuous woman, who will stay at home and make sure your supper is ready for when you get home. The children smart and well groomed, rushing to greet their father with a hug as he walks through the door.
    The stuff of dreams and you’d have to be asleep to believe it could ever be true.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Githyanki says:

    This clarifies a wide number of concepts where bluepill wrongthink has me by the balls.
    I consider myself cussed at, with reason.

    Like so many others I am astounded by how deep the conditioning by my female relatives and especially mother goes.

    Well, at least I seem to increase my ability to slip one past the goalie every now and then.
    Excellent article, and a good clarification and reminder to stick to the basics.

    For some reason your approach seems a lot more understandable than Rollo for instance. Perhaps your business background that does it for me.



  7. ClownWorldOpponent says:

    “This is not to say that women in their entirety lack the ability to interact with the world as independent of their own mind, if that was the case we would have no female programmers, engineers or physicists, as the goal of sciences is to establish reality as independent of the observer.”

    What about Affirmative Action?

    Or, the phenomenon of women’s infiltrating & destroying of male only spaces/institutions/activities?

    Isn’t it ironic men invented high heels? And the washing & drying machines, despite it having been women who dealt directly with clothes washing.

    Anyway, i’ve encountered writings by women write as though they can think like a “objective” scientist, so perhaps some women are truly capable of playing the part. More generally, I no longer view women as being as irrational as many men assert. Put differently, I suspect women are not quite as dominated by their emotions as it seems…or dominated the way they seem to be.

    Women are a lot colder & more calculating than most males want to contemplate or admit. I suspect females do have ample *cold/reptillian brain* empathy, but are they truly “the empathic/soft/nurturing sex”? Or are women a natural reservoir of Dark Triad traits (to the extent of being pathological)? Is it not possible that the idea that pathological Narcissism/Psychopathy are most common among males is dead wrong?

    Women are dramatically more likely to murder their own children than are men/fathers, and my admittedly anectdotal experience having sifted through a considerable number of “adverse childhood experiences” testimonies has reinforced my impression that *child neglect/abuse is almost always initiated & perpetrated primarily by mothers.*

    And that aligns to my own perceived experiences throughout my life insofar as it relates to my family. My mother was a Medusa, and my father was her accomplice. My mother was far more aggressive than my father, even though I also believe he was paradoxically subtly pulling the strings, at least to some extent.

    To jump to yet another topic; ever tease women in a playful way about their manipulative games? In my experience, literally all of them responded with precisely the same general pattern: they laughed nervously, acted coy, and quickly changed the subject.

    I don’t think there really is such a thing as a “Red Pilled/Trad woman.” I think women who present themselves as such are being extremely deceptive, virtue signalling, and working on behalf the “sisterhood.” My main curiosity is whether it’s consciously driven or just instinctual. Either way, after almost 10 yrs since having learned about the “red pill,” I suspect what we see today with women is simply what they’ve always truly been.


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