Of Syllogisms and Suppositions

Back when I got my first corporate job I was very much an idealist when it came to the corporate environment. I had faith in that if I simply worked hard, did a solid job and demonstrated my value to the company I worked for back then, I would have a great career ahead of me. A couple of years of not taking vacations, putting in 80 hours a week every week, answering calls and emails around the clock later, I was still in the exact same position that I was in when I started. I’d gotten a few pay raises but that was about it. As I spent my birthday reflecting on that year’s accounts, I started thinking of expectancy and equity theory. The basics of these two theories is that people form cause and effect chains, “if I do X, then Y” (expectancy) and they expect people to maintain equitable relationships, meaning “if I produce value above my current salary to the company, the company will reward me for it“, however this can often not be the case, because there is no clear cause-effect chain between doing a great job and climbing the corporate ladder.

In my case, I expected the company to recognize my efforts and reward me with what I desired. This is not much different from how many men will be perfect husbands on paper, they provide, they are great fathers, treat their wife as the center of their world, they contribute to the community and if asked nobody would have a problem saying “Oh, he’s a great guy”. They expect that if they do all the things right, for instance they fill their wife’s 487 bullet-point list, they are great dads, they communicate, they do chores and so on, their wife will return the equity to them in the form of sex and devotion, yet many of them find themselves in dead bedrooms or getting zeroed out.

It’s no different from how many Good Boys will work hard their entire lives, sacrifice their teens and twenties to become great husbands to a woman who has partied her way through life. Then they expect this woman to recognize their efforts and reward them with what they desire. It’s a covert contract on a grand scale.

The Gervais Principle and Intersexual Dynamics

Illimitable Man shared a series of essays with me in a DM during a conversation detailing the Gervais principle [2] and suddenly many things started to make sense. This principle outlines 3 types of people within an organizational hierarchy, sociopaths, the clueless and losers. The life cycle of a company according to this principle is that a sociopath with an idea recruits just enough losers, meaning people who make a bad economic bargain where they produce more value than they get out of the company, with the excess production of each loser going to the sociopath. As the organization grows, the sociopath has to hire a layer of the clueless to serve as middle managers in the organization to prevent the reaction from being an all out explosion.

The three types are very well defined in an essay I found [3]:

Corporate Sociopath – A person whose professional behavior lacks
morality, and whose actions use manipulation and
game-planning in order to achieve money,power, and prestige.

Corporate Loser – A person who is competent with their work and
shows professional morality and integrity,and is aware of the lacking
morality in corporate leadership (Corporate Sociopaths). Corporate losers do not have
loyalty to their company since they are aware of how disloyal the company is to them,
however they rarely leave soul-crushing employment because of
self-instilled fear, laziness, or lack of creativity.

Corporate Clueless– A person who is loyal to their company,
completely unaware of how disloyal the company is to them. The
corporate clueless person will always follow management directions,
honored to even get the attention of their sociopathic leadership.
The Clueless create a communication and hierarchical gap between the
sociopaths and the losers, and also can be easily manipulated to be
the fall guy for the sociopath when things go wrong.

The sociopath has a will to power and seeks to dominate, the Losers are happiness seekers rather than power seekers, both parties have little loyalty to the present company and enter and exit at every stage of the company life-cycle. Sociopaths enter and exit opportunistically, and do whatever it takes to come out on top. Losers enter and exit reactively based on Darwinian trends in the economy, and while they have little loyalty to the organization they do have loyalty to individual people within the company. The clueless, lacking the ability to circulate freely through the economy like losers and sociopaths develop a deep attachment to the company.

If one applies this principle to intersexual dynamics, one can likewise create a hierarchy, one has the Alpha males on top, these are the men who are privy to the secret world of sex. Some call them “naturals”, but the reality is simply that they through some vicissitude of fate happens to have been introduced to the sexual market place early due to having value in some form. This is the High School quarterback, the guy with above average looks, maybe the good looking rebel, or the rich boy that everyone wants to hang around. They are the kings of the emerging sexual market place simply because in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

One man I know became a bit of an early alpha simply because he crushed hard on a girl at 12 – 13 years old, he never made a move, then her family suddenly moved away. As a result of losing out on his first oneitis in this manner he simply started to escalate very directly and rapidly to never have to go through it again.

The losers, not defined as “losers in life” but simply guys who made a bad deal exist in a few types. They are mostly aware of the bad state of the sexual market place but lack the will or capability to move up in the ranks. Some may eventually move up in the hierarchy and become sociopaths, while others will accept their current situation and remain in the same place.

The Clueless are where I’d put most men in the present sexual marketplace. They buy into the 487 bullet point checklist, talk of “just needing more communication“, are unaware how society on the macro level do not care about them, or how the male performance burden and female hypergamy works. They are men who have bought into the Blue Pill Illusion.

However, within intersexual dynamics, there is a 4th category, a bridge between the sociopaths and the clueless, this is someone who has some awareness of the underlying dynamics, but is either not willing or ready to fully accept it. This requires the creation of a layer of rationalization between what they do know is true, yet that which they cannot accept. This is the fertile soil for purple pill approaches. The attempt is to bridge the gap between the sociopath and the clueless by injecting idealism and morality.

Summary and Conclusions

I tend to think that most of us create suppositional causal chains to guide our actions and inform our choices. The corporate sociopath has a view of the corporate world that is very close to the reality of the corporate world, thus he is able to create accurate and effective causal chains to attain the desired outcome namely power. The corporate loser has an accurate view and can construct accurate and effective causal chains, but in being happiness seeking rather than power seeking, the outcomes differ. The corporate clueless has a very inaccurate view, often based in idealism, romanticism or whatever else, that makes the causal chains they create both ineffective and inaccurate.

As I sat there, sipping some scotch and reflecting on how I’d spent the last few years at corporate, I first became angry with the corporate hierarchy that had lied to me, with the society that had lied to me, and all the individuals who had been complicit in pulling the wool over my eyes. However, as the anger intensified, I became angry with myself. Yes, I had been lied to and had a view of the corporate world that was flawed. Yes, this world view was constructed based on input from others, yet I cannot say if this input was based on malice or incompetence, so I gave the corporate hierarchy, society and the people the benefit of the doubt.

I’m responsible for accepting their input, and I’m responsible for the actions that I did that followed from it.

The result was that I took responsibility for being complicit by changing that which I could, namely my own actions and my own view of the corporate world. This is why during a  conversation with Anthony where he asked me about some feedback he received on his “Marrying Medusa” video, and accusations that he was not taking responsibility for his actions, I told him that he took responsibility that the second he walked out. You can control your own actions, and you are responsible for your own actions, not those of others.

There is a faith among some men in a form of karmic justice whereby they will be rewarded for being good. I’ve gotten a lot of heat for being inconsistent when it comes to idealism and morality. I do not see this as a problem, because I do not see a contradiction between viewing the world realistically and having a moral code. Anthony for instance has a moral code where he does not help women cheat, yet he understands that this does not prevent them from cheating, it merely means he is not an accomplice to their action. He could contact the girl’s boyfriend or husband, and tell him “hey man, your girl wanted me to sleep with her“, by not doing so one could argue that he is an accessory should that woman cheat. After all, in legal terms if one knows that a crime is about to be committed yet fail to report it one can be charged as an accessory.

The distinction between the two, is accepting that you are responsible for your own actions, but not the actions of others. This may appear a minor distinction at best, semantics or sophism at worst, but it is very telling of a person’s perspective. You see, when people start to throw around moral arguments and use shame, guilt, fear or all of the above, it is a sign that they are attempting to control the actions of others, rather than their own. It would be a hell of a lot easier if all men just got together in a cartel, decided that from now on we would enforce a code of behavior for both men and women with harsh punishments because this pushes the responsibility away from the individual man and over on all men.

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[1] https://therationalmale.com/2012/05/16/hypergamy-doesnt-care/

[2] https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2009/10/07/the-gervais-principle-or-the-office-according-to-the-office/

[3] http://www.bravenewlife.com/03/macleods-company-hierarchy-and-the-corporate-conscious/

One comment on “Of Syllogisms and Suppositions

  1. Nathaniel Ross says:

    Great post. The main take away I got from this article is to dispel notions of innocence in the corporate world. Not how to operate inside the systems others have created for their benefit (outside the sexual marketplace). Perhaps that could be an article for another time? Of Bullshit and Truth.

    I find the red pill perspective rather cynical to its core. Once you view sexual relations for what they are you can never see them for what they aren’t. The same applies to any system in which you operate in. The sexual marketplace (SM) is very meta. We’ll call SM a finite game playing within the infinite game of ensuring she secures the best genes. She (the feminine, society, university) crafted a finite game for which it ensures the best outcome for her. Blue pill ideology is her ensuring securing the best genes possible with the highest chances of genetic survival. Or in the case of corporations: securing the most value with the least amount of resources. This includes creating a corporate “culture”. All that a corporate culture does is create a happiness machine that’s ensures workers stay put and add value. Sound familiar? Otherwise corporations seek to blue pill you. They create equilibrium by balancing out your emotions. Feel like you’re working too hard? Man that’s bullshit at ACME INC we are hustlers. Feel insignificant? At ACME INC we’re making the world a better place by creating fake diapers to Bratz dolls. Feel like you’re spending too much time away from your family? Here at ACME INC we are family. Feel like you’re not valued at the company with your 1% wage increase per year for 30 years? Here’s a plaque and a gold watch… You get the point. “Sociopaths” Identify where you’re emotionally overdrawn and give you a loan. Here’s a corporate value system that gives me the most value while giving you loser just enough to not leave.

    Corporations are pimps with shareholders. Now that we’ve established pimp daddy corporate, this begs the question of who else is pimping you out? Your parents? Your church? Your own belief systems? Everywhere you go somebody is telling you what you should believe. Hey! Come over here and play my game. You get the best prizes!! ITS SUPER EASY TO GET RICH. Just recruit a few people and have them recruit a few people. Hey! Just follow my belief system and you’ll get A. Just do B (benefits me the creator) and you’ll get A. Trust me you’ll be fulfilled at the end of your long career making me rich. Now let’s teach it to them when they’re kids. That’ll keep them in suspended belief long enough for me to get what I want. When they finally come to terms with how they played my game instead of their own I’ll sell them a prescription for happiness.

    Your life has been scripted up to this point. Do X you might get Y. And if you don’t get Y it’s because you didn’t try hard enough. Never mind the fact you were never supposed to get Y in the first place. In fact, I hide how you can get Y to see if you deserve it. Shit test those corporate losers. If they pass give them a promotion. Because at the end of the day it’s not how much value you add to the table; it’s how many people you can “trick” (lead, provide vision, etc..) into adding value to the table. That what real value is. That’s what gets you a promotion. Just get enough people to play your game and you have a business. Or a cult. What’s the difference between a cult and a business? One gets payed to not leave. Both suck the value out of the individual.
    Now, you may think after reading the above that I think businesses are bad? Wrong. They are necessary just like providing people a framework to operate it. The difference between us and animals is that we manage to trick ourselves into believing that we have any innate value or meaning. No. As far as I’m concerned, your life only has value when you can A. Give me meaning or B. Use my meaning to serve my beliefs/needs.

    Businesses are good because they provide value and meaning to other people’s life’s. That is good businesses. Create a business and give people meaning and value. It’s the best thing you could do for society. Otherwise you’re just a parasite and rewarded as such. Add value get value. Or should I say create value then learn how to sell it, then you get value back.
    So, what did we learn? You’re a piece of shit that adds no value to planet earth. No, not you black label logic. You created this blog. Boom that’s value (Set up a Patreon). But for all you consumers out there. They more you consume the less you get. Now get off your ass and create, sustain, or destroy meaning or it will destroy you. You fucking selfish assholes.

    P.S. I didn’t proof read this. So if there’s a mistake I’m sure you guys can figure out what I meant to say.

    By the way BLL your definition of losers is incorrect. They are suspicions of whats going on behind the curtain, but lack the insight to see they could be playing a better part in the theater so they default to playing the theater of emotion. The clueless aren’t even aware they’re in the theater and just play the part with delight. And the sociopath writes the play.


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