An Update on Black Label Logic

I took some time off for the past month after putting out a blog post a week, even two posts a week for a while during my high productivity periods and I actually sat around reflecting quite a bit on what I want to do going forward with this blog.

Richard Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars said something on a Red Man Group pre-show that I somewhat took to heart. Since we started doing The Red Man Group, I’ve done it just about every week for 2 – 3 hours, on top of spending a lot of time crafting my essays, especially those that require a lot of research, and statistics. On top of that I’m currently writing the next Gendernomics book that I expect will be out around December.

This is a heavy time investment, I calculated that I’ve written around 400.000 words just on the blog, and around 50.000 combined in Gendernomics and Gendernomics 2. I would like to be able to put more time into writing, because it’s something I very much enjoy doing, however what Rich said was “If you get paid like a hobby, you will treat it like a hobby“, so for that reason I’ve decided to expand into more sources of revenue for the Black Label Logic Project.

However, it’s not my style to ask for money without offering additional value, so here are the 3 new value propositions from Black Label Logic. 

Gendernomics: Building Value (working title)

As those of you who follow me on twitter are well aware, I’m currently working on the second book in my Gendernomics series (get the first one here), the tentative title is “Building Value”, and the book will be a practical guide that builds off the principles in the first book.

At this time I’m about 2/3s into writing building value, and its a time consuming project to write a book, but I expect to finish, and make it available for sale on before Christmas.

I’ve already given the first sample of the book to those who have signed up on my Patreon and everyone who signs up at the $5 a month tier, which brings me to Patreon.


I decided to start a Patreon because it’s a way to connect more with my most invested readers, and a way to offer more value in exchange for more revenue. The content here on Black Label Logic will remain free, it is my magnum opus. I’ve set up 3 tiers so far on the Patreon:

$5 Tier: Gets access to the Patreon only feed, which includes following the process of Gendernomics: Building Value from now until it’s in the finishing stages, plus all the free samples that I will be sharing along the way.

$20 Tier: Gets access to the Patreon only feed, plus two perhaps more additional essays that I will be putting out every month. In addition, this tier will get draft folder access, which means I will post essays I have in the works or essays I haven’t finished, and will be able to influence which ones get priority in my pipeline.

$50 Tier (limited to 10 people): Gets access to all the benefits of the preceding tiers, plus access to a once a month google hangout (2 – 3 hours) which we will decide the format on together. We can do Q&As, long-form topics, and when I have some interesting presentations like the ones I have done for The Red Man Group I will do a slide presentation, that you will all get access to afterwards.

You can access my Patreon here there is already a Gendernomics: Building Value sample posted, along with the first essay for the $20 and above tier entitled “Of Sex and Sublimation”.


I’ve previously turned down questions regarding doing consults, but I’ve decided to change my mind on the subject, and I will be taking on consults. I’ve outlined both the Patreon and Consults in a new page on the blog and you can find details there for how to contact me, and how I’ve set it up to begin with. As you all know, I’m quite touchy about my anonymity, so I will only be accepting Bitcoin for payment but I can accept different coins, so if you have a preference for something other than standard Bitcoin let me know and I’ll see if I can accommodate that in the service I use.

For more details and a primer on how to use bitcoins, visit the Consulting and Patreon page.

Best Regards



8 comments on “An Update on Black Label Logic

  1. David says:

    Sometimes people don’t have the money to pay but “generally” people who pay for what they want get much more out of it and treat the content (and provider) with much more respect


  2. brandon says:

    Totally get the anonymity etc. I think clarity platform would be good idea, that rich cooper uses for consults, as takes all the friction out and protects anonymity. The whole bitcoin, email, scheduling etc is a lot of friction. Just my two cents.


    • David says:

      I missed the bitcoin part. The spreads are HORRIBLE. Maybe if the people are already holding bitcoin and want to pay, but converting in and out of it is terrible and I hope people aren’t doing it often.


    • I’m looking at Clarity after I got a tip from Rich about it, the bitcoin bit is a bit of a pain. The problem with Clarity is that it requires using a LinkedIN profile.


      • brandon says:

        Just make a fake linkedin profile or use a fake profile pic or blurry one.


      • David says:

        Would it really be a “fake” profile or just another part of your personality under a pseudonym. Semantics I am learning from Black Label Logic is not a small thing.

        I just made a note in my stone of life about “The most efficient use of my time” as I had the old version in my mindset and also am learning/coming to believe semantics matter.


      • Semantics can be very important, especially in self-talk and goals. It was something I learned when I worked with Vision, Mission and Strategy in the corporate world. Use the wrong word in the vision like:
        Vision: World’s best company
        Mission: Become the world’s best company
        Strategy: Let’s start training for the Olympics ya’ll.


  3. alex says:

    Hey Man, I can’t buy your book. It says: Out of print. Where can I get a copy of it?


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