An Update on Gendernomics

As many of you are aware, Gendernomics has not been available for purchase for the past 3 – 4 months. I took it down to do a little bit of work on it in preparation for the launch of Gendernomics: Building Value which is the follow up title.

I’m happy to announce that the original Gendernomics and Gendernomics: Building Value will be available again on, hopefully next week.

There haven’t been many changes to Gendernomics, just fixing a few issues with the previous version, however both books will be featuring new cover art by Rian Stone.

For those of you who are interested in what Book 2 is about a gentleman by the name of Jack Napier was kind enough to do a preview for me on youtube where he reads the introduction to Gendernomics: Building Value


He is very talented when it comes to doing audio and I’m grateful that he took the time to create the above clip.

Gendernomics: Building Value is currently being read by some of the highest profile men in our little corner on the internet and barring feedback that will require a lot of fixes, I should be good to put both books back up by the end of next week.

Best regards



5 comments on “An Update on Gendernomics

  1. Reckt says:

    Gotta get that book, did you watch the Slavoj Zizek vs Jordan Peterson debate?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KK says:

    Carl – are you planning to do your books in audio? It would help as many of us just listen to books these days when driving. Given the comprehensiveness of your language, narrating with high level of clarity and articulation is must… đŸ™‚


  3. rugby11 says:

    Carl this is really interesting


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