A Statement

I was hoping I wouldn’t be required to write a statement on this issue due to being a more tangential associate of 21 Convention due to being a frequent panelist on Red Man Group, rather than alumni speaker. However the volume of DMs and questions, do necessitate that I make a statement of my position.  

I do not want to add more fuel to the garbage fire that has been raging through this space for the past 12 – 18 months. Where various disparate groups of men who do not create content or any value have competed to pour the most fuel on the fire to establish their kingdom of ashes.  

Sometimes you find yourself having to defend something, not necessarily because you want to, but when caught between a rock and a hard place you weigh value propositions and select the least problematic one.

Caught between an event that included some of the men I respect the most in this space, among others Rollo, Rian, Rich, Donovan, Ed Latimore, Hunter Drew, Goldmund, Dr. Robert Glover, Dr. Shawn T. Smith and Pat Campbell (list not exhaustive), I defended the men who consistently produce content of value, from attacks that came from men who do not. However, with the recent situation between Rollo Tomassi and the 21 Convention, I’m not going to maintain an association with the 21 Convention.

I’m also going to suspend my association with The Red Pill Reddit, I respect Red Pill School and the work he does, there are some good content creators that still post over there, many of us have participated there for years. However the lunatics have been permitted to run the asylum for too long. I’m not going to close the door on future cooperation from my end and I would be happy to work with The Red Pill reddit again, if they elect to clean the place up. I’d rather not get racism and antisemitism on my shoes.  

As of now, I’m working to maintain my association with the content producers I listed earlier and others. I enjoy consuming their content and will happily cooperate to create more great content with them, I hope this feeling is mutual.

My stance on this is always going to be Rule 0, I’m here to talk about intersexual dynamics, and to help men build their value so they may live the lives they want. 

Status in a group of men is based on production for the group, whether that is who is the best hunter, warrior or salesman, in this space, it is contribution to our shared body of knowledge.

Best Regards


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14 comments on “A Statement

  1. Tony P Chicago says:

    Thank you.


  2. Despite Rian’s terrible taste in shirts, he does make a point, which I think is appropriate here. Men can not help but step on their own dicks. Granted, I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the RP community in regards to Rollo & 21 Con, but it’s clear to me now how Feminism has been able to make the gains it has in society over the past decades. Men in Western society are just weak, in every metric one would use to measure a man. Moreover,every time a group of rational, sane men carve a small piece of the internet out for themselves, it’s not long until the sperg mob comes along to engulf & deconstruct it like an aberrant macrophage on a healthy cell. Sad part is, it’s never going to change IMO, far too many men willing to fight to stay plugged in, while others can’t see past their ego for the larger perspective. That said, I hope I’m wrong about all of this, but in the mean time, I’m going to start learning Arabic & place another order for 1000 rounds of .556.


  3. I was hoping that I wasn’t the only person noticing that the LARPers were over taking the asylum. RIP Reddit. I was there for help but too many phonies chime in. There can’t be that many <10% BF 170lbs cut dudes there. Some of us are chasing injuries/surgeries. Some of us win when we can and regroup when we don't. Carl, keep at it. I enjoy your work.


  4. If you check TRP on reddit you’ll find that we’ve actually gone to great lengths to avoid the stupid drama. Our mission has always been Rule 0. The “lunatics” as you put it have no say on the forums and are removed wholesale because our top rule.

    On TRP.RED it’s been a different story and we’re working on censorship-free tools that still deal with Trolls.


    • Carl says:

      Your subreddit is a platform for spergs, that is mismanaged, with poorly enforced rules and I stand by everything I said. It is not a source of Red Pill information, my blogroll is a much better source for that.


  5. Darren says:

    Thank you Carl, I love your work and really enjoy the content you produce. Thank you for this very level headed analysis of the situation. I look forward to seeing more of your content.


  6. eagle scout says:

    I feel I don’t need to disparage those who are already shooting their own left foot. But just wanted to say that I respect you for taking a stand for Rollo. You guys rule.


  7. Mr.P says:

    Wheat is being separated from the chaff. Or another way to look at it, the high value content producers are filtering out from the mediocre producers and the bottom of the barrel scummy sales fellows.

    Looking forward to reading more content on your blog Carl.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. rek5 says:

    Right, wrong, or indifferent, I really like to understand other people’s takes on things. To get to the basement floor, perhaps. At any rate, I like what I’ve read here (just a little reading so far) and will be coming back. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks in advance if not.


  9. rek5 says:

    Rollo…..is that Heartiste? I liked that blog.


  10. […] I was hoping I wouldn’t be required to write a statement on this issue due to being a more tangential associate of 21 Convention due to being a frequent panelist on Red Man Group, rather than alumni speaker. However the volume of DMs and questions, do necessitate that I make a statement of my position. […] Source link […]


  11. Devanthar says:

    “I’d rather not get racism and antisemitism on my shoes”

    So you’ve taken the gender red pill, but refuse the racial red pill?


  12. daniel hughes says:

    How can I buy your book?


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