It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted here.

Now being the rumor-mill and gossipsphere it always was, I’d like to think that at least they came up with some juicy rumors about my absence.

  • “Carl got a girl pregnant”
  • “Carl converted to Christianity”
  • “Carl’s MBTI profile is obviously not suited for the long-term exposure he was taking on”
  • “Carl got married”
  • “Shit, Carl really was a Russian spy and the NSA just got him”
  • “Shit, Carl must have died”

Only one of those are partially true.

Long story short, went in for some surgery back at the start of September, there were complications, then there were infections and here we are a little over 2 months later. Quite frankly, you’d be surprised how much catching up to do you have once you aren’t able to work at all for 2 months, it takes some time to get a handle on the critical factors of your life, such as being able to live it. To be honest though, I stayed away a little while longer than I had to, I’m sorry that I didn’t keep Rian updated, nor anyone else while this was going on, but I felt like I needed a break from the manosphere. If for no other reason than to reflect on the space as a whole, its many parts and things that have gone down over the past year or so.

3 months without any content, any contact with other content creators and no contact with the space really clears the head. Add in almost dying and you realize how petty and pointless many of the squabbles really are. Most of all they detract from content that is useful, and that’s really where I failed towards the end, I was uninspired to write for the longest time, because I felt like I was rehashing the same topics from a different angle on a constant basis, never getting into producing some new and useful information. Quite frankly, there is a limit to how many times you can repeat “Women chase the best deal“, “Men prioritize availability over price and quality

I’ve got some upcoming ideas for content now that I’ll be working on, and until next time, best of luck.

Best regards



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15 comments on “It’s been a while

  1. Does this mean, no more savage Carl?


  2. Bloodydiesel says:

    Awesome. The guys that we dont want to go away do and the ones we want to dissapear dont…. welcome back brother


  3. Corey J Mutter says:

    I thought the new president of the manosphere kidnapped you and was making you produce content for them. Glad you are getting better.


  4. Ron Bridges says:

    I’m glad you’re better and I’m really looking forward to your new insights. Take care of yourself.


  5. Brian F. Nelson Hathaway says:

    First and foremost, I am so glad you are on the road to healing and that it clearly wasn’t your time to leave us! I am a man of deep Faith, despite having major issues with much of the direction organized religion has gone in. I believe we are all here for a higher reason and I appreciate your perspective as I am sure so do countless others who you have graciously helped. I work as a Police Dispatcher in inner city Philadelphia while completing my degree in Criminal Justice and then continuing on for my Master’s and PhD in Counseling Psychology. When I get my BA next year, it will be 39 years after I first began it. Clearly, I am not the fastest scholar but I am exceptionally persistent! Your work has given me many insights into my own life after two divorces and a number of challenging relationships and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts. We live in tumultuous times politically and socially and it is critical men stop “picking the fly feces out of the pepper” and come together to maximize our individual and collective potential. Thanks again and may God Bless and protect you and your family today and ALWAYS! Brian


  6. John says:

    Well fought Carl! Take your time, there will be more fights …no doubt . Life does that.


  7. Khalid says:

    Glad to know you’re doing better, take your time to recover. And yeah there’s a point in the manosphere where almost everything has already been said.


  8. Alec Checkerfield says:

    Good to have you back Carl. I hope to hear you shooting the shit with Rian on general stuff in the near future.


  9. […] It’s been a while since I posted here. Now being the rumor-mill and gossipsphere it always was, I’d like to think that at least they came up with some juicy rumors about my absence. “Carl got a girl pregnant” “Carl converted to Christianity” “Carl’s MBTI profile is obviously not suited for the long-term exposure he […] Source link […]


  10. James says:

    Great to have you back Carl. Your content is appreciated and has been useful to me and my brother particularly.


  11. Joska Som says:

    Awesome. Forget making the CCCP great again, a more engaged looking Arthur Schopenhauer would make a fine avatar.


  12. JiraiGumo says:

    Did you meet any girl while playing WoW?


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  15. I understand the “standstill” of surgery. Recovery took a bit longer and Im still catching up. (Never mind I picked up a new injury). Take care, Carl


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