Black label logic is written by a person with a love of logic, philosophy, science, economics and psychology. This person has spent its entire life getting into debates and discussions about just about every topic, just from a love of debate, and feels a constant thirst for improvement and knowledge.

I learned logic in order to engage in debates surrounding ideologies, the social sciences and economics. As a hazard I came away from it with a love of philosophy as well.

I mostly post about logic, ideologies and social issues. In addition I write a series entitled “Fun with Fallacies” with a take on common logical fallacies prevalent in public discourse and private debate.

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  1. UB says:


    Is there any way to contact you privately?

    I am looking for what is your opinion on how to find what one desired in life – ie the “ultimate goal”.

    I was reading your article https://blacklabellogic.com/2016/12/15/perspectives-horizons-and-life-vision/ and at some point you say:

    > In order to determine the strategy, it was necessary to establish what I wanted from life.

    How do you know what do you want in life? I am at a point where I am in a sort of an existential crisis, where I feel like money/power/whatever is not making me more happy and I don’t know what to do next. I am 23 if that matters.

    Have you written anything that addresses this?


    • I don’t have a method for direct contact, except for Twitter. However, I found that the only real way to find out what you want from life is mostly based on figuring out what you don’t want from life. A general technique is changing your frame of perception or question from “What do I want from my life” to “What do I not want from my life”. Regarding money for instance, I used to chase it quite extensively, but I realized that after a certain point, unless you want “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, there is a limit to how much time I was willing to trade for money.

      You simply need to try things out to see if they improve your life or make it worse. A simple rule of thumb I like is to divide life into decades:

      10 – 20: Try out a ton of different things, establish many of your preferences, ingrain good habits (diet, workouts etc).
      20 – 30: Focus on establishing means to make money, this means working and/or getting an education and getting some relationship experience.
      30 – 40: Focus on “rounding out” your life, adding those things that makes it enjoyable and that improves you.


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