Black label logic is written by a person with a love of logic, philosophy, science, economics and psychology. This person has spent its entire life getting into debates and discussions about just about every topic, just from a love of debate, and feels a constant thirst for improvement and knowledge.

I learned logic in order to engage in debates surrounding ideologies, the social sciences and economics. As a hazard I came away from it with a love of philosophy as well.

I got into game in ca. 2003 on a forum called alt.seduction.fast, and I spend quite a lot of time around the seduction community from 2003 until about 2008/2009. Since 2016, I’ve written on the subject of Gendernomics, which is an attempt to understand intersexual dynamics using statistics and economic principles. I’ve written one book on the topic and I’m working on the second one in the series.

Twitter @Blacklabellogic

7 comments on “About

  1. UB says:


    Is there any way to contact you privately?

    I am looking for what is your opinion on how to find what one desired in life – ie the “ultimate goal”.

    I was reading your article https://blacklabellogic.com/2016/12/15/perspectives-horizons-and-life-vision/ and at some point you say:

    > In order to determine the strategy, it was necessary to establish what I wanted from life.

    How do you know what do you want in life? I am at a point where I am in a sort of an existential crisis, where I feel like money/power/whatever is not making me more happy and I don’t know what to do next. I am 23 if that matters.

    Have you written anything that addresses this?


    • I don’t have a method for direct contact, except for Twitter. However, I found that the only real way to find out what you want from life is mostly based on figuring out what you don’t want from life. A general technique is changing your frame of perception or question from “What do I want from my life” to “What do I not want from my life”. Regarding money for instance, I used to chase it quite extensively, but I realized that after a certain point, unless you want “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, there is a limit to how much time I was willing to trade for money.

      You simply need to try things out to see if they improve your life or make it worse. A simple rule of thumb I like is to divide life into decades:

      10 – 20: Try out a ton of different things, establish many of your preferences, ingrain good habits (diet, workouts etc).
      20 – 30: Focus on establishing means to make money, this means working and/or getting an education and getting some relationship experience.
      30 – 40: Focus on “rounding out” your life, adding those things that makes it enjoyable and that improves you.


  2. Larry says:

    Hey Carl,

    I was going to write you on Twitter, but would rather keep this question private. I recently took a part-time job at a grocery store to help make ends meet. Only issue is that the store director, who I believe is the same age as I am (35), is constantly, purposely, barking orders to me. He has an attitude, and it appears he is trying very hard to keep a dominant position with me. Being the store director, he does have the upper hand, however, I’m getting to the point where he’s getting the best of me, and I’m getting to the point where I want to drop him in the middle of the store. His attitude, spiteful remarks and purposely overwhelming me. Along with walking in front of me, and running over my foot with a cart. Can you recommend any reading materials on how to out-wit, out-alpha, and consistently dominate the frame with this guy? My former quick wit has taken a hit due to some health issues, so I’m not always on the ball with responses to his alpha tests. Thanks in advance!


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