Life After The Red Pill

Last week I dropped into Red Evening with Jack Napier and Rob, I’d like to go back it was a solid talk. During the course of the broadcast we had a talk on how their content is almost completely free of jargon, there is very little red pill conversation even though they are very knowledgeable about the topic, it’s not the focal point of the show. For the most part it centers on interests outside of the red pill space. I found this to be quite interesting, because from my perspective and a major reason I stopped writing here is that I’m sorta over “Looks, Money, Power, Status, Game” thing, that seems to repeat itself on a never-ending 3-6 month cycle. I could churn out “Gendernomics” articles twice a week on topic for profits, I just don’t want to, it’s not original and just boring, basic, bland and formulaic. Quite frankly it’s back breaking bargain basement material.

The plot is the same, the structure is the same, the characters are the same, the soundtrack is the same, and every-other city we go, and every-other video, it’s the same ho. Looks, money, power, status and game haven’t changed in importance since 2006. Yet, if you want hits, write an article or do a skit on “[insert one of the 5] is the most important shit” and you’ll get rich.  “Women in 2020 are the most savage and feral ever, they go HAM, You need my program. It’s brimming with plenty, plenty of hard posts beating the average peril being clever, you’ll fuck hoes of the gram or you get a free sluts 2020 sweater”  

My view is that the red pill space is purgatory, it’s like Rick and Morty, if you catch the story, get out before you turn douche and we have to start the mourning. You want to spend as little time here as possible before moving on to a better place. This place wasn’t designed for you to hang around here forever, the fire code is ereased, there are not enough bathrooms to go around and for some fucking reason the showers are always cold. Our buffet only has steaks and tofu, it’s on you to pick between black coffee and even blacker coffee, not to mention there are enough fuckers wilding out on a weekly basis that we should be hosted by Nick Cannon and sponsored by Worldstar.  Think of the red pill like a bank robbery, if you’ve been here longer than 2 mins, the alarms sounded and the cops are on their way in.

We have 20 years worth of videos, audio books, podcasts, books and essays, but have anyone written what are you supposed to do after you’ve actually done the red pill rat-race, tried to save food and not look like a boob? What do you do once on the first day of Red Pill your true coach sent to you, an email calling you n00b. On your second day of red pill your true coach sent to you, two emails calling you a screwed, and an email calling you n00b. On the third day of red pill, your true coach sent to you, a DM with 3 girl’s nudes, two emails calling you a screwed and an email calling you noob.

How many 6 foot dicks, 6 inch height requirements, 6 lambos, 6 figure notch counts do you need to fail at before you realize it’s a scam?  Do you continue to hustle or do you fall for the next hyperbolic douchebag who points out that your beard growth is patchy and buy his “how to grow a beard like mine in 7 days” (hint day 2 – 4 is recovering from the hair transplant). Is this shit turning into the Groundhog pill? Is this for real? Even Final Fantasy has a max level to the skills, it’s sorta fascinating how the red pill is morphing into a game where Asian nerds get themselves killed.

“Red Pill acolyte”: “OMG I just got a 6 foot penis all it took was hustling 22 hours a day for a year

Coach 2 mins later: “Is your cock under 11 ft? You’re not even a boy, I’ll teach you how to get here

Are we there yet? The illusion of a path is that it goes from A to B, but see, the profit isn’t in the cure, it’s in continue to receive, admire excess for free, want a piece, pay up sucker and excise it. I’d hate to be divisive, but what I see and what strikes me, is that it might be, that we encourage dependency, for a certain fee, we tell a man that he can be free, and receive his dreams. It’s crack philosophies, where the first hit is free, but after the change is undergone, and not before long, the man just out to get a home, needs red pill methadone, because the meta-approach, is to make some bones, and when the light is shone, it’s all hinged on the next step of the bridge, LEVEL UP, THE NEXT LEVEL, THE NEXT STEP. Every hero’s journey has a beginning, middle and an end, but if the interest is in selling riddles, there is no payoff at the end. If they no longer need Pfizer, but Pfizer needs them, to remain high in a sense, the pill is a circular friend. Am I making any sense with my 2 cents? That a passing interest to solve a problem, should not hold you hostage and then some?

Us as content creators, we aspire to greatness, it starts just wanting to aid friends, but months or years in have we gained any traction? When our content keeps point out the same sins and problems? Seems senseless to not push onward, hoping that our readers will soon be gone with the knowledge the pill offers, but off it, in that they cured their afflictions. Do we want to cure them of their demons or just keep them coming to meetings, in all seasons, always citing the pledge of allegiance,

Hi I’m Carl I’m a bluepillholigic, it’s been 2 years since I bought a girl flowers, I don’t think of baby showers, I just want to plow and choke girls. I earn 7 figures driving a hearse, I can deadlift 1000 lbs for reps while wearing a “I’m a spartan” T-shirt, my sidechick had a baby early and I ate the afterbirth, PROTEIN. I’ve been on the scene since Style’s hair had a nice sheen and “VH1 the pickup artist” was just a pipe-dream, but I put out auto-logic like Rage against the machine.” 

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this, when people have been here for 2 years and haven’t talked to a chick? Think about it, gym membership for 2 years, didn’t lift any weights. Been on Jenny Craig for 2 years, didn’t lose any weight. Been a Catholic all my life, don’t have any faith, girl shot me twice on our date, finally some penetration, this must be fate, Oh did I mention she’s late? At what point do we see that this approach ain’t working, when after years of reading, and guys are still stuck jerking like Peewee Herman, and being jerked by craftsmen like a penis-ad person?

The question is, are you a problem solver that holds men accountable and do not absolve them, a man who leads who make men better in their own life, or are you are problem-creator, with no accountability, who builds your life on men’s lives.

The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity

Rollo Tomassi recently released the newest book in his Rational Male series. I’ve been a reader of these books for some time, and have shared them with many people over the years, so naturally I was curious to read the newest one. Unfortunately some life events got in the way of it, and I didn’t have time to read it until recently. Luckily I ended up spending a substantial amount of time in airports and planes and as a result I was able to read it.

The section of red pill parenting is not something that I have the experience to evaluate, however I find it to be a positive development that red pill theory is expanding outside of its traditional borders. The “General red pill theory” sections are very enjoyable and have very useful insights, but the section where I found Rollo making his most salient series of points was in the epilogue from which I’ve quoted below:

We have a blatant attempts to reinterpret what the “red pill” is really all about by conflating the Red Pill brand with being the opposite side of a White Knight® coin. And again, it’s packaged in TL;DR easily digestible feints at humor. Anyone versed in The Red Pill praxeology understands just how Blue Pill their assertions are, but this is the same Purple Pill sugar coating of Red Pill truths I’ve been warning against for years now. And it becomes potentially dangerous to men because it encourages them to follow the Children with Dynamite path with regards to Game. Learning Game becomes a quest of acquiring only enough understanding of the nature of women and intersexual dynamics (the ones that are palatable to the profit model) to achieve a Blue Pill idealistic goalstate monogamy that brought these men to look for their own answers in the first place. They believe they are selling the key to a Blue Pill dream.

This points to a statement I’m prone to using in my day to day life, “The person you have to worry about is not the person with a high level of competence, you can reason with them. It’s not the person with no competence, they will accept your advice. It’s the person with a little competence that think they have a lot of competence who is dangerous”.

I’ve talked about how recently reformed blue pill men are primed to be victims of cluster B women, for the primary reason that much of them is in a state of flux. They have made major improvements to their life, so when a woman suddenly treats them as they are the alpha of alphas, instead of becoming suspicious they attribute the attention to their recent work, rather than her inherent motivation.

Many very rich men have a 6th sense for gold-diggers. They have so much money that they by default have a suspicion when a woman shows a high level of interest very early. They are simply used to very attractive women showering them with attention and adulation and thus they have learned to be weary of it. The men who are the most prone to being taken advantage of by gold-diggers are men who are not “super-rich”, but well off, they may own their own business, make very good money, and may be multi-millionaires, but they are not in the “I have my own jet” class. These men are targeted more rarely by gold-diggers and as a result their radar is not as finely honed.

In the same way, the man who has had a high sexual market value over a longer period of time has learned from experience the manifestation of dangerous women. He has also developed discernment due to his exposure to a wide selection of women, in the same manner that a wine connoisseur has developed a refined taste in wine due to frequent and varied exposure. The man who is nuveau riche in sexual market value has yet to develop the toolbox to make an educated choice.

I have no animosity with men who desire marriage and children, nor do I have it towards those men who prefer other paths in life. However, make sure you are making that choice from the position of a highly competent person, rather than a person with a little bit of knowledge who think they are an expert.

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MBTI & Psychological types

judging perceivingThis post will discuss some of the more intermediate and advanced parts of MBTI, so for those who are not familiar with the system, I recommend visiting the MBTI Foundation and reading their basics first.

Myers-Briggs personality typing is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, and is one of the main systems for personality types being used in corporate environment the other two major options being D.I.S.C and Big 5. As an empiricist, my major contention with MBTI is that it does not stand up very well to scientific rigor, people often score different types upon being tested again and various other issues [1]. However, as a probabilistic heuristic it serves a different purpose, the goal is not that it is repeatable the goal is that it works for the purpose you are employing it. Continue reading

Of means and ends

Immanuel_Kant_(painted_portrait)I often use the terms “means” and “ends” in my writing, this is a concept that I borrowed from a formulation of the categorical imperative by Immanuel Kant, which is as follows:

Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.” Immanuel Kant (Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals)

In Kant’s formulation, he is stating that in order to treat people in a humane and ethical manner, you must view the interaction with their person as a goal in itself, not merely as a method to achieve a goal. I touched on this in my post on means, motive and opportunity, which is a breakdown of the three different concepts and these are complimentary and overlapping principles. Means is the equivalent in both cases, and the result of the combination of means, motive and opportunity results in the end. You can never have an end without a method to achieve that end, a motivation for achieving that end and the opportunity to pursue that end. However, a major stumbling block many people face is that they become preoccupied with creating means, without taking the opportunity when it presents itself.

“I will go for that promotion once I have another year of experience and finish my night classes”

“I will go after this women I’m lusting after once I read another 4 books on game”

“I will renew my wardrobe once I lose another 15 lbs”

In all the above scenarios the person is putting off action, and taking risks under the guise of “not being ready” in essence they are creating creating a situation whereby failing to achieve one goal, will result in failing another goal as well. Put in another way, they are telling themselves “I will neglect to take opportunities presented to me until I have achieved another end“. I’m a major proponent of sequential-tasking and parallel tasking, however, if you line up your life as a series of milestones, with hard dependencies, you will not be capable of achieving maximum results in a time-frame. Continue reading

The Rise of the Right

maslow-pyramidAfter reading yet another article on how the right is rising as a result of xenophobia, racism, latent sexism, islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and various other buzzwords that have become a mainstay of modern mainstream political reporting and journalism, I figured it was time to break down why the right is rising. It’s a complex issue, and “The Right” is a very diverse crowd. There are libertarians who wish to hold on to individual freedoms, and personal responsibility. People who find themselves exiled from the modern Republican party as a result of being largely classical conservatives, rather than Christian conservatives. There are Christian conservatives who find themselves disillusioned with mainstream conservative politics as a result of the focus on social issues over economic issues. There is a loose collective of the manosphere, free speech advocates and pro-gamergate, who find themselves on the right as a result of their fight against radical feminism and the authoritarian-regressive left and there are people like me, who find themselves on the right as a result of largely adhering to enlightenment philosophy, and classical liberalism. It is a very diverse crowd as far as perspective and ideas go. So, what are the catalysts for the growth of this movement? Continue reading

Musings on #Brexit and the EU

brexitIn the preceding months I have followed this story and today we finally got the result. Great Britain is leaving the European Union and taking their chances as a Sovereign nation once more. This obviously has ramifications, seeing as the European Union project in the way bureaucrats do, have had their fingers on the detail level of governance for the 43 years that Britain has been a member, and it will take time to reverse the damage. For those of my readers who are not aware of the structure of the EU, it is based on 3 pillars, the common market, the Euro and the Schengen agreement. The joint European market is supposed to guarantee the 4 freedoms, free flow of goods, persons, services and capital between the countries, and to some extent it did lower the barriers from being a national company to an international company, but in other ways EU regulations tended to make sure that only multi-national companies were able to bid and be successful. Continue reading

On the concept of entitlement

entitlementWhen it is said that we are living in the age of entitlement, I find myself thinking about the nature of entitlement, reciprocity, and altruism and how they exist as mechanics in the human mind, and as a governance system of human interactions. To some, our age is the age of entitlement because young people expect to be handed a job after finishing college, or expect to be given a college education for free. Perhaps this is the manifestation of wanting to be given something for nothing, which is arguably the manifestation of sloth. To some the age of entitlement is symbolized by a baby boomer generation who not only consumed the resources of their time, but also consumed the resources of their children and grandchildren. Their lifetime being what I suppose could be argued as a national or multi-continental exemplification of gluttony. Continue reading

Means, motive and opportunity

michael-maslin-you-had-the-means-and-the-motive-but-when-did-you-have-the-opportunity-t-new-yorker-cartoonMost of you have probably heard about the three words in the title, they refer to the 3 aspects that help to build a legal case against someone. They can be condensed into why, how and where of a crime. Motive is as it follows from the world, your reason for doing something, you may be nice to your boss and over-deliver on your tasks to try to ensure a promotion. In many ways motive touches on the same principles as expectancy and equity theory,  in that it represents what you want and what you think you have to do. Means on the other hand Continue reading

On the concept of balance

balanceI was reading an article earlier where the core theme was balance between duties and choices. For instance, a labor union can strike, however then they are not being paid, an a factory owner can refuse to give into the demands of the union but then he is not making any money. In this case, you have a carrot for both parties in that if they come to an agreement they can both get paid, and a stick in the form of that they are both losing money by not coming to an agreement. These types of checks and balances are what keeps every structure in working condition because they promote stability and moderation over instability and excess. Democratic countries are often built with “majority” clauses, and/or multiple branches of government, which does slow things down, but also ensures that there is wide support and that it does not devolve into majority tyranny. Take the draft in the United States of America, every man has to register for selective service within 6 months of turning 18, in exchange they get the right to vote. This means that every man who votes for hawkish and interventionist foreign policy knows that this means that he risks being sent off to war if there is a draft. This has the effect of somewhat limiting the willingness to go to war, and encourages voting for a policy that relies on both diplomacy and force, not pure force. In the same way, if I forgot to lock my door, the insurance company can refuse to pay if I get robbed, because through my actions I placed an unnecessary and excessive risk on them. Continue reading

Seneca and Machiavelli Brothers in arms

MachiavelliStoicism and Machiavellianism are both philosophies that are very much about power in their essence. When Nicollo Machiavelli wrote “The Prince” he wrote it as a gift to his lord, a gift of knowledge gleamed from observing history, and distilling patterns into essence. I do not really know what was Seneca’s motivation behind writing “Letters“, whether he did it for himself or for others. Perhaps it was as “Ethics” by Spinoza, a thinly clad rejection of religious oppression, perhaps like Paine’s “Common Sense” it was a call to action to the peasantry to rise up against their oppressors, or perhaps it was like quite a few of my writings Continue reading