These are all the articles that have been published so far on the subject of gendernomics. The gendernomics series is an attempt to apply the principles of economics to sex and relationships in an explanatory capacity. In addition it contains general advice and statistics that men should be aware of when they act as agents in the sexual market place of the Red Pill:

Gendernomics: The Book

Gendernomics: Building Value 


Why Women Slutshame: Hypercompetition

How men compete: The better mousetrap

Exploring the sexual market value

A deeper look at supply and demand

Expectacy, equity theory and sex

So How many bitches be crazy?

Gendernomics: Fraud and intangible assets

Gendernomics: The Art of the Deal

Investment and saving of time

Micro and Macro

Marginal Utility

Avoid buying a lemon

The Recipe for Oneitis

Female sexual strategies part 1

Female sexual strategies part 2

Male sexual strategies

Sexual market analysis

The Principal and Agent

Book Value

Five Factors of Alpha and Beta

Sex, Politics and Monopoly Conditions

The Economic Engine of Entitlement

Gendernomics book sample: The Company of Man

The Social Breach of Contract

Models of Attraction

The Cover and the Content

Options and Orbiters

I’m Not Like Other Girls

Methods of Marketing

Finding Your Mission

The Vagina Valuations

The Female Bubble

Beta Males and Shorted Circuits

Gap Analysis

A Woman’s Resume

Hypergamy, Branch Swings and Harems

Compounding Sexual Market Value

IQ and the Sexual Market Place

The Economic Engine of Entitlement