Philosophy and musings

Fun with Fallacies

The fun with logical fallacies series is a running series where I write short introductions to the logical fallacies that permeate the public discourse, boardrooms, the media and people’s private discussions. These fallacies whether used intentionally or by accident, affect the validity of your argument and the strength of your position.

  1. The No True Scotsman
  2. Anecdotal fallacy
  3. Appeal to the Stone
  4. Argument from personal incredulity
  5. Argument from repetition
  6. The British Fallacy
  7. Ad hominem
  8. Begging the question
  9. Shifting the burden of proof
  10. Circular reasoning
  11. False dichotomy
  12. Red Herring fallacy
  13. Straw man argument
  14. Cherry picking
  15. Kettle Logic
  16. Hasty generalization
  17. Perfect solution fallacy
  18. Fallacy of misleading vividness
  19. False analogy
  20. Special edition: The new fallacies of #Gamergate

Quick introductions to philosophy

The quick introductions to philosophy serve as a glossary of terms and concepts that act as a foundation for the discipline of logic. Some of them are intuitive, some of them may seem familiar to you as you read them. Others may seem alien or strange. However, logic as a system act as a scientific method of thinking that helps us avoid many of the pitfalls that our mind creates for us.

Basics of logic 1

Basics of logic 2

5 minute introduction to research philosophy

The main branches of philosophy

Objective vs Subjective

General philosophical musings

The general philosophical musings are for the most part a mixed bag over a range of topics that I found myself interested in. They range from finding the border between logic and rhetoric, to logical consistency, and general principles that get interesting results if applied correctly and universally.

The roles of rhetoric and logic

The use of Rhetoric in Propaganda

Axiomatic effect on perception

The concept of reproductive rights

Musings on stoicism

The Modern discourse, Ethos and Pathos

When ideas should die

On career politicians and Managers

On female privilege

Universality and relativism

Enlightenment values, social justice and the state

The FOG of modern society

Trust, credentials and how you are manipulated

How gays and transsexuals will bury feminism

Sophism: How to abuse logic

On female solipsism

The Waffle-cone of Deplorables