Red Pill Logic

red-pill-blue-pillSometimes I will end up writing articles that while they deal with the same subject-matter as Gendernomics, they do not have the same focus and weighting towards economics, but are more philosophical in nature. This is the home for these articles, dealing with female psychology, red pill politics, general red pill philosophy and other topics that while adjacent to Gendernomics are not really Gendernomics.


The Methods to Female Madness

Women and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Women and Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Women and Borderline Personality Disorder

How Many Bitches be Crazy?

The Freudian Structure and The Red Pill

The Fantasy of Being Ravished

The Sexual Market Skinner-Box

The Red Pill and Defense Mechanisms

Willpower and Consistency

Dangerous Habits

The Subterfuge of Female Madness

Normal or Crazy

Red Pill Philosophy

On Liberty

First Principles

The Red Pill and Morality

Of Means and Ends

Means, Motive and Opportunity

The Blue and Red Pill Theoretical Framework

5 Stages of Red Pill

The Lamentations of “Fun Single Girl” in the City

Pitching Alpha Girl From An Elevator

Climate Change and The Red Pill

Briffault’s law, Bateman and Peak Hypergamy

Feminine Frames

The Purple Pill

Frames of Reference

Red Pill Analogies: Part 1

The Fatal Conceit

Of AWALT and Snowflakes

Future of a Blue Pill Illusion

An Essay on Female Understanding

Seeking Nirvana

Gaslighting Narratives

Pulling the Triggers

Stuck in the Middle