Pitching Alpha Girl From An Elevator

femfloweredit-300x2161After publishing my last essay on Monday, I was somewhat struggling with my draft folder, while I have somewhat of a backlog of articles I want to publish, I couldn’t really find that flow state that I need in order to write on the level I want to write. However, luckily one of my followers retweeted this article entitled “7 Important Things To Know Before Dating an Alpha Female“, that in addition to making me laugh a little, also offered ample opportunity to expand on my Cluster-B Series. First off, if you are writing an article on women who are difficult to deal with, you may not want to use a graphic that depicts a woman who has been diagnosed with an Axis-2 personality disorder, more specifically borderline personality disorder. She may as well have used the famous graphic of Marilyn Monroe (another borderline) with the Cluster-B favorite quote “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best“. Secondly, you may want to avoid structuring your sales pitch like an ad for a haunted, broken down house in the boonies.

However, women as the marketing sex, on top of their inherent ability for solipsism and rationalization, is what inspired the realtor to outline the broken down house with no water as a “quaint and charming fixer-upper”, or the house with blood on the floor and a history of murders being committed there as “A unique space with an exiting history”.

So, lets go through the “7 Important Things” in order to identify the crazy contained within and utilize the female sexual strategies to identify the category of sexual strategy that this woman is using. Continue reading

Gendernomics: Five Factors of Alpha and Beta

big-fiveThe notion of sex as a marketplace where deals are continuously made between human beings is in many ways as profound as it is simple. Once identified one can analyse and review actions within it as any other market, be it the grand bazaar of Istanbul or the East Asian derivatives market. Markets serve as an aggregate of everything, human philosophy, resource availability, future hopes and future dreads. They all affect the price of a product or a security. An interesting correlation is what happens when a society breaks down and goods become scarce, luxury items for instance often drop in price unless they have a practical value, and necessities soar in price and demand.

The concept of hypergamy, often misunderstood as “women marry up“, is one of the cardinal principles within the sexual market place that greatly affects price and ensures that female sexual market value is sticky downwards. Meaning that as a woman’s “performance” within the market declines as a result of aging, or other factors, her price demands are very slow to respond to changed market conditions. This can often be seen in women who are entering or well into their epiphany phase, who despite being an objectively lower value commodity, are often found demanding the same or a higher price for their intimacy. Hypergamy, thus does not refer purely to the idea that women marry up, but that women seek to maximize their sexual market value trades, balancing their long and short term strategies, attempting to secure the maximum amount of alpha genetics, while seeking to ensure long-term provisioning for themselves and their offspring.

Since the inception of the manosphere figuring out which traits signal what has been an ongoing project, with the most time being dedicated to the constructs of Alpha and Beta. Where the construct of Alpha refers to a behavior set that trigger the short term and long term mating preference in women, and Beta a behavior set that triggers the long term mating instinct in woman in certain contexts. Continue reading

Gendernomics: The male sexual strategies

The RoninIn our early days as a species on this earth, it is likely that we largely mimicked our cousins, the other primates in our approach to mating. Might makes right without the rule of law, and therefore the first sexual strategy that evolved was the physical one. In a world that consists largely of physical trials such as hunting, it follows that evolution would select for those who had the best genetics for this life. To explore this, I decided to see what the status is among our primate cousins who are living in a much more natural state than humans. While humans have come a long way from our hunter-gatherer past, through the agricultural revolution, our mating behavior is most likely less adapted.

The three closest relatives to humans genetically speaking are Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Gorillas. In Chimpanzee society, there are two dominance hierarchies, one among males, and one among females. The male hierarchy is controlled by an alpha male, and the alpha may be the most physically dominant, but may also be the one most skilled in manipulation and gaining allies. Males gain mating opportunities through status, females gain access to resources. Females will on occasion collude to remove an alpha male in favor of a new one if they perceive that it will benefit them. [1]

Bonobos appear to be a matriarchal society, where everyone has sexual contact with everyone except mother and son. A son gains his social status from his mother. Quite unique to bonobos, females will engage in sex with many males indiscriminate of social rank or age. This results in a situation where no male can know which offspring is his and parental care rests solely on the female. [2]

Gorillas live together in groups called troops, presided over by an Alpha male Silverback (over 12 years old), and often consists of a Silverback, multiple females and the offspring. On occasion groups with multiple males can exist, where the Silverback is the Alpha and the other males are younger and serve as support for the Silverback. The troops form in order for the females to gain protection and mating opportunities. [3] Continue reading