The Freudian Structure and Red Pill.

id ego superego 2I found myself thinking, about the concept of “maximum pleasure, minimum pain” often called the pleasure principle from Freudian psychoanalysis. This is the instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain to satisfy biological and/or psychological urges. Which made me wonder if women are happier with an Alpha and date/marry Beta males out of necessity. Leading to both a miserable life for the woman after she gets married (Alpha widow) and a miserable life for the Beta before (and often after) he’s married.

One of Freud’s cardinal concepts is the breakdown of the psyche into ID, Super-Ego and Ego, where the Id represents the instinctual desires, the super-ego the rules and socialization from our parents/community and the Ego the moderating influence between the two. To create archetypes of the three, one could cast the ID as the ultimate hedonist, strictly following the pleasure principle. The ID has little patience for putting off gratification, little capacity for long-term productive behavior and offers no thought for the future. The Super-Ego is the ultimate authoritarian, seeking to shape and maintain a person as a “Good person” according to the society in which he lives. The Ego is the self, the one who moderates the unbridled hedonist and the rule-bound authoritarian. Continue reading