How men compete: The better mousetrap

value chainThe whole concept of “building a better mousetrap” is a very good explanation of how males compete. As I outlined in my post on why women slut shame, this is to in effect lower the relative market value of the women branded a slut, while increasing their own market value. In addition to “keeping other women in line” with hypergamous optimization. In effect, women compete in marketing.

Men differ in that competition tend to be in terms of performance, this is apparent early on with men often engaging in competitive activities such as team sports, or other forms of competition. Even non-physically active men tend to engage in forms of competition such as gaming or vicarious living through other men competing by watching sports.

The core difference can be summarized in that women tend to compete by marketing themselves, while putting down others, ideally not wanting competition but oligopoly/cartel situations. Men tend to compete by self-improvement and adding value to themselves, in a situation which is much closer to laissez-faire competition.

To illustrate explain the difference take a look at the diagram of the Value Chain.

Men tend to be focused on Inbound logistics, operations and outbound logistics. In effect, resources in, transforming resources and the results gained. While women tend to be mostly focused with the marketing and sales aspects of the value chain.

Now, for those of you who already read my article on women, you are going to read this article and feel like the articles are different. The answer why is simple, my article on women is descriptive, it is what they do, how they do it and why they do it. My article for men is prescriptive, it is what you need to do, why you need to do it and what the results should be. Continue reading