Gendernomics: The unintended opportunity cost

feedbackI recently had some time to catch up on my reading and read a couple of articles by Rollo Tomassi over at, two of them in particular struck me as being related by a common thread that can be explained in economic terms (articles linked at the end of this essay). The two articles deal with the blue pill frame and late life hypergamy, two concepts that not only relate in economic terms, but also in the terms that the blue pill frame ensures the results Rollo outlines in Late life Hypergamy. These can be imagined on a feedback loop, where the blue pill man senses his wife’s hypergamic reaction, increases his blue pill behavior further which leads to her hypergamic reaction becoming more pronounced.

This is similar to how many have observed that blue pill men will often double-down on their blue pill strategy, regardless of it being unsuccessful in the past, and view any conquest as a a validation of the mindset, without consideration for their overall success to failure ratio. As I’ve written before, the blue pill sexual strategy is also such in nature that it is easy to rationalize away rejection as the strategy seeks to minimize it by acting in a covert manner.


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