Gendernomics: The sexual market analysis

male strategiesI recently posted an overview in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) of general female sexual strategies that you will see used either alone or in combinations as you navigate the female sexual strategies. After I finished writing those essays, I found myself wondering about male sexual strategies and whether they can be broken down in a similar manner, and after some labour I figured out that they can. However, you will very rarely see a man employing a single strategy, they always use combination strategies, either on purpose or by accident. This post took a long time to write, because in breaking down the male strategies, I started off the same basis as the female strategies, which proved itself to be a red herring of sorts.

While female sexual strategies, in essence are tailored marketing approaches aimed at attracting a given type of male. Male sexual strategies are centered on the burden of performance [1]. So, when I started breaking down male sexual strategies according to the female archetype model, it was unavoidable that the Venn diagrams I was utilizing as a tool had significant overlaps. While female strategies are centered around a performance burden to some extent, in that they have to adapt a certain performance requirement, they can do so in larger congruence with “just be yourself” than males can. A female can decide to put a lot of effort into her appearance and utilize that as her sales value, will have a form of mass market appeal in and of itself, since beauty is a central evaluation value males use. One could argue that the female strategies are focused around slowly and with increasing accuracy engaging in increasing differentiation, both to ensure she is accurately situated in her desired sub-market, but also to eliminate unsuitable males from the buyer group to some extent. Continue reading