So How many bitches be crazy?

Newtons bitchesThose of you who follow this blog may have noticed that I have an above average interest in numbers. After watching a video from Terrence Popp over at I started wondering how many [1] “NARBIPOLBITCHISTIC” women there are out there that could seriously screw up someone’s life, especially that of a nice Beta man.

In this I’m going to do a short post with data from The National Survey on Drug use and Health from the American government [2]. As our society is gradually working to normalize deviations in female behavior, ranging from the denial that females can be domestic abusers, to encouraging narcissism and anti-social behavior in women, this is highly relevant for your journey into the sexual market place.

One can argue that entering the sexual market place without knowledge of the risks, is the equivalent of entering a casino with no understanding of the odds. This is in no way arguing that all women are crazy, but pointing out that a large number of women do suffer from disorder that can make a relationship with them a rather complex and damaging ordeal.

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