Sex Politics and Monopoly Conditions

monopolyI came across this thread on Reddit a few days ago, and felt that it warranted further comment from a Gendernomics perspective. To give the short version, the wife was a major Hillary Clinton supporter, and her husband voted Trump, as a result she decided to deny him sex for 30 days. The responses in the thread vary, from those who advocate that the husband should communicate how it feels to his wife, to those who think it is perfectly warranted considering the false media narrative surrounding Trump’s treatment of women.

The first piece of advice that stood out as an illustration of the feminine primary perspective is this :

Generally speaking, sex as a weapon is not cool. And it only works because of the false pretense that it’s purely a service for the guy and that women don’t like sex just as much if not more then men.

But on a side note, voting for Trump but then not understanding why a woman is withholding access to her body to express disapproval? The irony is palpable.

This is an amazing example of female logic, in that sentence one outlines that it is not OK to use sex as a weapon, but the last sentence expresses complete understanding for why this was done. It is either OK to withhold sex, or it is not. The next comment gives some context to the manner, outlining how to more effectively utilize sex as a weapon to promote compliance:

This is actually a pretty common tactic that’s been used before, known as a sex strike, though if your wife wanted it to be effective, she should’ve denied the sex before the election to prompt you to not vote Trump. In countries where it’s used it’s done as a form of nonviolent protest to prompt some action from the husband. In this situation though, she’s using it as a punishment since there’s not much else that can be done at this point.

Regardless of if it is used as a weapon, the reasoning behind it is manipulation. In the case of a sex strike, it is used to force behavioral change through operant conditioning. In the case of a “sex strike“, the reasoning is “If you do X, you get punished with Y” or “If you do not do X, you get rewarded with Y“. In the latter case, it is a case of positive reinforcement, where the husband is punished after he voted. The former is in some ways less malicious than the latter, as the former presents an explicit demand, the latter creates an intermittent reinforcement situation, wherein the husband may frame all his actions going forward based on “if I do this, will she deny me sex?“. Continue reading