Musings on career politicians

managementWhen the idea for this article struck me, I thought about 3 rough paths to leadership roles. There is the guy who started in the mailroom, and over a span of 20 or so years, works his way up and attends night school to expand his skills. Then there is the student that goes to college, gets a degree, perhaps works a couple of years at an entry level job, then gets an MBA and moves into management. Finally, there is the entrepreneur who starts his own company, and works to make it a success. Continue reading

The main branches of philosphy

Now, when I tell most people that I’m very much into philosophy, after their eyerolls subside, I start explaining to their blank faces. How philosophy still has value after what was called “natural philosophy” started being called “science”. There are 4 branches of philosophy, in order of importance:

Aesthetics: The study of beauty and ugliness, this is an entirely subjective branch that I will agree has little value, what is beautiful and what is ugly? That is in the eye of the beholder and quite frankly who cares?

Ethics: The study of what is permissible. A field to which I have devoted a lot of study, only to find that it is an emotionally ruled filed. I have found that people who have authoritarian leanings tend to be more deontological and people who like me have more libertarian leanings tend to be more consequentialist.

Metaphysics: The study of existence. What exists. Typically used a lot in religious debates.

Politics: The study of force. How should you organize society.

Epistemology: The study of knowledge, or rather theory of knowledge. What can we know, how do we know, can we know.