Gendernomics: The Principal and Agent

cartoon conflict of interestRecently I had a twitter conversation where I made the statement that the women in your family are your biggest enemy when it comes to sexual market place success. The reasoning behind this is that females, while inherently seeing the value of an alpha, fail to raise their sons in this manner, instead opting to build a good Beta for their daughter in law. This comes from what can be argued as a principal agent issue, wherein your best interests are not those of your female family members and friends. However, in many cases, men view advice and counsel from family as if it can only be in the best interest of the man. This is rarely the case due to multiple mechanisms in the female psyche.

Family are your genetic heritage, the best way to ensure the survival of your family lineage of genetics is to reproduce and ensure that the other members of your family are best suited to reproduce. This is why male role-models become so important, as men teach other men how to perform and win in the sexual marketplace. If Jack Nicholson was your dad, you would be taught how to slay pussy, if your dad was a male feminist chump, your best bet is to supplicate, become a male feminist like your dad and go down that route, because your male feminist dad will teach you how to do just that. Men who are raised with strong masculine male role models learn the traditional masculine behaviors and attitudes. Concepts such as “boys don’t cry” do not exist because men are not permitted to show emotions or to be in pain, but because men do not let pain prevent them from accomplishing what they set out to do. Secondly, they exist because the nature of a man is to be stoic out of necessity. To balance the genders women are overly emotional and men are somewhat under-emotional. If both parties become emotional during a crisis, that is as close to guaranteed death as possible.

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