The Product Lifecycle and Female SMV

female-smvThe SMV graph is probably the most well-known graph in the manosphere, outlining the growth, peak and decline of the sexual market value of men and of women. Without diving into the mechanisms of why the curve is different for each gender and how each curve functions, it has some similarities to the product-life cycle. These stages are the same for each gender, but the curves take slightly different time scales. The interesting aspect of it is that females move through the first 3 stages much more rapidly than men, in the span of roughly 15 years from the age of 15 to the age of 30. Whereas men spend substantially more time in the introduction stage, growth and maturity stage.

The product life cycle is a concept used in marketing management, that charts the stage of a product broken down into 4 categories; introduction, growth, maturity and decline. These four stages are also present with products in the human sexual market place. Continue reading