Gendernomics: The Male Sexual Strategies – Part 2

product-life-cycleWhen I was writing part one, that was intended to be a a stand-alone piece, but after posting it I’ve gotten some feedback, both in the comments and via Twitter, mainly relating to why I did not break down male strategies in the same depth and detail as with female sexual strategies. However, as I outlined in the first post, while males superficially can adopt a similar variant to the female strategies to further target a specific type of female, the male goal is opposite of the female goal. Whereas the female is adopting a sexual strategy to act as a filter to eliminate suitors preemptively, due to females having general appeal by default, A male has no appeal by default and works towards general appeal, in order to maximize his market value. Thus, a male can derive little value from engaging in the same filtering behaviors employed by females.

One of the comments brought up an interesting perspective on intra-sex competition (male vs male) and inter-sex competition (male vs female) in that males theoretically have two options, focusing on the traditional masculine behaviors that have their greatest effect in male vs male competition or focusing on the behaviors which females find attractive. This is a persuasive argument at first, however it ignores the treasure trove of data gathered in the manosphere for over a decade, that the same behaviors that are effective in inter-sex competition are also highly effective at attracting women.

Female attraction for a male owing to hypergamic optimization, dictates that a woman want to mate with the highest value male possible and the only way to determine the highest value male is to see how he ranks competitively compared to other males. This is not to say that men cannot employ strategies to more directly appeal to women rather than engage in inter-sex competition, but this is a case of complimentary approaches rather than dichotomous approaches. My post on the female sexual strategies is exactly such a blueprint in how to appeal to a specific type of woman based on her sexual strategy. Continue reading

Gendernomics: Female sexual strategies

I’ve written about female sexual strategies before in the gendernomics series, from a macro perspective. This breaks down into the categories of differentiation, and low cost strategies, adapted to a suitable niche in the market. One can think of differentiation strategies as attempting to stand out in some manner. Corporate brands are merely names, yet through our interactions with the corporation behind it, that brand begins to stand for something. This is why Coca Cola attempts to be part of most major sporting events and Disney movies or how Kodak coined the term “Kodak Moment” to signify important milestones in life.

On a micro level strategies can be broken down into sets based on qualities, tactics and methods used to establish and maintain their brand and thus their strategy. So Coca Cola on a macro level is a differentiated defender, when you break it down on a micro level they are a quality oriented, mass market, advertising based company. In the same way we can break down a female sexual strategy of hypergamic optimization, into macro strategies and then into micro strategies. Continue reading