The Books

I wrote my first book Gendernomics as an exploration of many of the central tenets of The Red Pill from an economic perspective. I’m particularly fond of viewing dating and mating from the perspective of being a market in which actors seek to satisfy a need, whether that is the need to have sex, to reproduce or have a relationship. I found that this metaphor lends itself very well to explaining how dating and mating functions from a more abstract level.

After all, when we say things like:

She wasn’t good enough for you anyway

She’s out of your league

These are judgments of value about 1 person’s value related to another person’s value. If we can assign value to a person, then it follows that we can make judgments about that person’s value relative to all other people. If we can do that, then we can view dating, mating and relationships as a marketplace. In fact, as the sexual market place.

You can find Gendernomics on in both Paperback and Kindle Editions 

It’s also available in an audio version produced by Jack Napier on Gumroad 


My second book, Gendernomics: Building Value is intended to be a practical framework for increasing your value and managing self-improvement efforts. One of the questions I was asked most frequently, and one of the major issues I kept seeing with men who are new to sexual market value, is that they often want to do everything, right away, perfectly. This leads them to burning out, spinning their wheels or otherwise get few results for their effort.

Much of the time this is because when you try to do everything, you accomplish nothing. There are many great resources out in the world for how to improve anything you want, from your physique, your charm, social skills, sense of humor, style, grooming, finances and many other things. However, there is very little information on how to manage four or five different self-improvement projects, or even deciding on which projects you should take on and in what order.

For this reason, I wrote Building Value. Building value offers a framework for developing your vision and your mission for who you want to be as a man, creating a strategy, figuring out what stands in your way, and what resources you have available, and then implementing and tracking your improvement over time.

A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step, but where do you want to go?

You can find Gendernomics: Building Value in both Paperback and Kindle editions on

It’s also available in an audio version produced by Jack Napier on Gumroad 

Jack Napier is also offering a combo pack of both books on Gumroad at a reduced price.